Can Lady Gaga get pregnant

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Barring medical conditions, Lady Gaga is a female in her reproductive years, so she can become pregnant. ChaCha! [ Source: ]
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Can Lady Gaga get pregnant?
Yes, Lady Gaga can get pregnant.
Will Lady Gaga get pregnant?
If Lady Gaga one day decides she would like to have kids then yes, she will get pregnant.
Is it true that if you… dance to lady gaga after you have sex y…?
Oh, definitely! Before Lady GaGa, there was no birth control, people got pregnant every single time they had sex, but now that Lady GaGa is here, people are breathing a collective sigh of relief, finally, they don’t have to get pregnant whe…

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how can i get brittney spreas to marry me and then get lady gaga pregnant before the wedding?
Q: please i had a dream of this happening and my dreams always come true so i kno this one will too i was thinking i wait for britney outside her concert and give her a ring and she will look into my eyes and say yesthen lady gaga i visioned we met at the airport
A: First you need to join us here in the real world. Once you do, you won’t be asking questions like that.***
like can lady gaga even get pregnant if she has both femal and male parts?
A: Get back up your tree.
Can Lady Gaga get herself pregnant?
A: No, I need your penis.
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