Can nausea on your period mean you are pregnant

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Technically,you can not be pregnant while you have your period.Though nausea is a symptom of pregnancy it can also be many things. [ Source: ]
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Can a delayed period plus nausea and cramps mean something other …?
Her nerves maybe getting the best of her – delaying her cycle.
Does it mean im pregnant if i have very light periods and feel na…?
It is possible. I am assuming that you are sexually active, due to the nature of this question. Some women have very light periods throughout their entire first trimester. My advice would be to take a home pregnancy test. Take it from there…

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Can a very light period mean Im pregnant?
Q: Im 22, married and I had been on the Nuvaring for almost a year. I was having bad side effects so i removed it Dec. 29. Jan 1-5 I had a normal heavy period. A few days after my period I had unprotected sex a couple times knowing you usually dont ovulate right away.Now Im sleeping a lot. I mean like 8-9 hours at night and 3-4 hour afternoon naps simply because I cant keep myself awake just watching TV. No morning sickness/nausea. I only eat two small meals a day now though and Im really thristy. A constant light headache and feeling cold, then an hour later feeling really hot. I was thinking I might be pregnant.I should have gotten my period the 27, didnt. Today I thought I was having it but it was just like spotting. A very dark brown/red with light cramps (I usually have terrible cramps) and its so very light that its barely there. Everything I read says you dont have any period when your pregnant and my symptoms could just be PMS.Should I rush to take a at home test or wait a while and see if my period gets heavier? Did anyone have something similar happen to them?
A: A few times after your period is the worst time to have unprotected sex. You ovulate 10 – 14 days from the day you start your period and sperm can hang out waiting on an egg for 72 hours (up to 5 days)If you did not have a normal/heavy flow then take a test.
what headache reliever would be best if your potentially pregnant?
Q: Okay, Its about 3:55 am here in Westland MI. And I cannot sleep what-so ever! It’s because I have a headache from hell. And I have had it all day! But the only thing in my house is Ibuprofen… I am possibly pregnant… with this potential, I am a bit afraid to take the medicine!By possibly pregnant, I mean frequent urination, nausea, dizziness, tender/swollen breast and so on and so fourth! Its a few days to early to test. So If I am pregnant, would the Ibuprofen hurt a pregnancy this early on? My period is due in a couple days… so Im just asking you all because like I said Its 4 am, and I really dont have a doctor to ask! So maybe you can help me!thank you
A: I am almost ready to have my kid and I have yet to be told that ibuprofen would hurt my baby. I mean especially if you only take it once I mean its not going to do harm. I mean there are people that don’t know if they are pregnant for sure and they get drunk and take drugs and their babies turn out fine as long as they discontinued when they found out they were pregnant.Oh and frequent urination is not a symptom until later
Can you bleed or have your period, and still be pregnant?
Q: On June 28th i had sex for the first time, and my period had ended around June 25th. For the past month ive been feeling really weird. At about 3wks in i started having cramping, feeling sick (nausea), felt tired more often, my breast even felt tender, etc. But today, i started my period i would suppose. Its over a week late, and its a brownish/blackish colouring to it. I’m not sure if this is my period or something else. Its pretty light so far, but then again i just started it. Its followed by painful cramping and nauseous feeling. Could someone tell me what this means. Im still a bit i did take a prego test, but it might have been too early.I have also been gaining weight and have been bloated for the last 4 weeks.Also im only 16, so going to the doctors will be kind of hard b/c my mom would have to take me and i havent told her any of this yet.
A: Your sympotoms definatly can be assosiated with pregnancy but also with getting your period. However if you feel that your period is lighter than usual then it could be spotting which is also a sign of pregnacy, you are right, it might of been too soon to take a test if it was before you were suppose to get your period, but since it was a week late, now it should be accurate. If you only had sex on June 28th and your period ended on the 25th then you were less likely to get pregnant at this time, how ever you can get pregnant at anytime during your cycle. After your first time its common to be about a week late. Take another pregnancy test and see just to be sure and if your period gets heavier and more like usual, then i would be less worried, but yes you can bleed while you are pregnant.
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