Can pregnant people be around smoke

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It is not healthy for anyone, pregnant or not to be around smoking. Smoking kills. ChaCha! [ Source: ]
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Can pregnant people be around smoke
It is not healthy for anyone, pregnant or not to be around smoking. Smoking kills. ChaCha!
What happends if im pregnant and im always around people that smo…?
Then you tell them to stay away from you! As your boyf is the father of your unborn baby I’m assuming, then any responsible father would not want to put his child at risk! They them to stay the hell away from you if they have to smoke an il…
When Can I Tell People Not to Smoke Around My Pregnant Wife?
We walked into the party and everyone was smoking. I felt like it was 1958. People came up to congratulate Blossoms on her pregnancy while basically blowing smoke in her face. Even the host of the party was smoking. We stayed about five min…

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People who smoke around babies/children?
Q: What do you think about people who smoke while they’re pregnant, or even people who smoke around pregnant people. And people who smoke around babies or kids? I personally think it’s very selfish and horrible. My grandpa smokes and always has since I’ve been alive, he’s never once smoked inside a house or car, he ALWAYS goes outside and never does it around kids or anything. Why can’t people just do that? It makes me so mad to see people smoking while they’re pregnant or while they have a baby with them!I get that you could be addicted, but why not make yourself stop before getting pregnant? Make it a goal or something. You could say to yourself “I can’t have a baby until I stop smoking”. It causes so much damage to the baby.Rtv: I loved your answer :)When I was younger, and I would go out to a restaurant or anything with my family, if there was someone smoking around us, I would sit there and cough so loud so that they would look at me and I would just give them the dirtiest look. I was like 8 lol. But I thought it was so rude! You said that you always tried to stay far away from people, and it’s true, it spreads so far…but thanks for trying to stay away from people, that’s still a lot better than most! Just today I walked into a gas station and a lady was standing RIGHT by the doorway smoking. And it’s illegal to smoke in public in Ohio, which is where I live! Ughhhhh!
A: California had to enact a law for the people that are too dumb to realize how bad it is for children. Overall though people who smoke around children are either too dim, not parents or shouldn’t be parents (possibly a combination of all three). There is absolutely NO excuse to smoke around your children. None.My wife smoked for 15 years and her last cigarette was the day we found out about our son and she’s never smoked another. I had smoked over 20 years and quit smoking around her day one and within 2 months had also put them down. No drugs, no patches just love and determination. Fact is anyone who says they can’t quit is simply someone who doesn’t have the fortitude to quit.Now for the most important part of this. That was three years ago and I owe everyone in public an apology. While I was careful where I smoked and worked hard to avoid the entrances of stores or other places that were obvious I never realized how far the smell traveled. I truly apologize from the bottom of my heart for what I inflicted on others.ADDED:Thanks. I really mean it when I say I apologize about the smoking. I started at 14 which means I smoked my entire adult life before I quit and never realized how horrible the smell was. Now I just cringe when I have to walk with my son past a smoker and even worse the smell of stale smoke on people in enclosed places makes me sick.I really do think my biggest regret in life isn’t as much starting smoking but imposing it on others and I can’t apologize to people enough. I’m so happy that there’s no smoking anywhere on campus so I never have that problem at work but the other public areas just makes it tough.
Why do people (and pregnant women) smoke around their children and others???
Q: I was sitting in the park next to a havily pregnant woman and she lit up 2 fags in a row… come? Also, a woman in my road smokes outside her house while her new baby is left in the house….WHY?? The ash from her cigarette is still on her clothes so she is still exposing her baby to smoke!Again, when i was pregnant (sitting in the park again) someone came and sat next to me and lit up a cigarette. What the hell were they thinking of!!WHY DO PEOPLE EXPOSE CHILDREN (AND ADULTS) TO SECOND HAND SMOKE? WHAT MAKES SOMEBODY SO SELFISH THAT THEY CAN’T GIVE UP SMOKING FOR THE SAKE OF THEIR BABY/CHILD? I CAN’T UNDERSTAND IT! I THINK ANYONE WHO SMOKES ROUND BABIES SHOULD GET FINED, OR SOCIAL WORKERS INVOLVED! ANY SUITABLE COMMENTS PLEASE!I know what smoking can do to people. My grandad has lost a lung because he smoked. When they operated on him and removed it it was BLACK and riddled with cancer. He was told to give up or DIE. Sad thing is, he was only on 30 a day. Not many compared to some smokers! As a result ALL my family gave up smoking instantly and my grandad is still with us over 20 years later!
A: I know that smoking is an addiction and as a former smoker I think there is no excuse for smoking while pg. I quit when I got pg so I dont think that saying smoking is a powerful addiction makes it ok. Yes it is a powerful addiction and it sucks when you are trying to quit but I think that your unborn child should be more important than an addiction that is beatable.I think people can be ignorant and selfish and they just dont care about others.
my girl is pregnant and she is around people that smoke?
Q: ok i need alot of help! i dont know what to do we are both under age shes 14 and im 16. her parents smoke infront of her and next to her and her sister in laws do to. she is 4 months already and im so scared that something might happen to the baby. second hand smoke is bad for and she dont get that. i was in skool and i called her to tell her not to do that no more to walk away and all she did was start bitchin sayin that its not bad n y not n she can do it if she wants cuz her mom always did. i told her its bad it will hurt our baby and she doesnt listen. i felt so bad cuz she kept hangin up n i broke up with her and told her if something happens to the baby she is stuck with it im only gonna pay child support. and im only gonna be there for him. what should i do. she said sorry already and she cried but i aint takin her back till she knows. what should i do?? i need help? i dont want something to happen to my kid?her sister in laws smoke in front of her and when they go smoke they leave her there kids.
A: i don’t blame you smoking can cause low birth weight and respiratory problems. good for you for standing up for your unborn child. you need to go with her to her dr appointments and bring the subject up with him in the front of her so he can explain the dangers of second hand smoke.
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