Can pregnant people go sledding

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Women who are pregnant should not go sledding they may get injured and also hurt the baby. Keep on doing the ChaCha. [ Source: ]
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Can pregnant people go sledding
Women who are pregnant should not go sledding they may get injured and also hurt the baby. Keep on doing the ChaCha.

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29 weeks 3 days pregnant. Can I go snow sledding at an elevation of 1000+ meters ?
Q: My husband wants to take our kids, and me, sledding today on a special mountain. It is -12C where I live and is usually at least 5 degrees colder up there. I dont normally feel well at levels of high elevation either. Getting in and out of the car is a hassle for me too so Im not so sure about hopping ona sled and then dragging my pregnant self back up the big hill to do it again. And the thought of other people/kids being there scares me. What if someone runs into me knocks me down? It could hurt the baby! On top of it all, I went to the doc about 1 1/2 weeks ago because of shortness of breath and back pain. He said there was a “blockage” in my spine making it painful to breath and causing the shortness of breath. I still have it. I would love to go out with the family and see the kids loving the snow but Im not sure its a good idea. And I dont know what to tell my husband about why I dont want to or why I cant go.Is it even safe to go sledding and at such a high elevation during pregnancy? (29+3weeks)How can I tell my husband without disappointing him and the kids? (They are 7 and 19 months)
A: The cold shouldn’t be an issue, but you said that you normally don’t feel well at high altitudes then this is already looking like a bad idea. Your normal reaction to altitude coupled with the blockage in your spin and difficulty breathing is not a good combination. You also shouldn’t be sledding at this stage in your pregnancy, if you were in the first trimester then it may be okay, but your now visibly pregnant and your belly is vulnerable. Your center of gravity is also off and you could lose your balance and slip and fall climbing on and off the sled. You also said you don’t feel comfortable doing this, and I’m a big believer in listening to your gut on matters such as these. Tell your husband that sledding isn’t advisable by doctors during this stage of pregnancy. Site this website to him,1510,8154,00.html. Tell him that you’d love to go, but you think it would be better to wait until after you have the baby, then you can go sledding all you want.
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A: omg… that is why I don’t go to parties like that… wtf were you thinking?!
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