Can pregnant people go tanning

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First, there is little scientific evidence that indicates “rays” of a tanning bed are harmful to the baby. However, the ext, MORE? [ Source: ]
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Can pregnant people tan
Indoor tanning promotes Vitamin D & is very beneficial to you and your baby. Techinically NO tanning is SAFE tanning. ChaCha!

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I need to know if it is ok for me to go swimming and tanning my tummy while I am pregnant?
Q: I am now in my fifth month and want to go swimming this week end. Will my baby be ok? Some people tell me not to tan my tummy and then other people say it is Okay….Can I use sunblock on my belly instead of a wearing a shirt to go swimming? What do you think. Thanks for all the help.
A: swimming is good for you. tanning is a big no when pregnant. use sunblock
Tanning While Pregnant – SAFE?
Q: I used to tan before I got pregnant, and once I did, I went to the doctor who gave me a sheet of do’s and don’t’s, which included saying tanning is safe but just bad for your skin. I can understand why people say tanning is bad, it heats up your skin thus heating your body temp possibly hurting your baby. I would think that tanning in moderation, once a week or so and not for extended periods. Say I used to tan for 15 min before, I can tan for about 5 min now. I have tanned durning the beginning 3 months of pregnancy, which is when miscarriges usually occur. I want to know your opinion about this. Thanks.
A: you should just wait until after the pregnancy. Worry about your baby!
Tanning question?
Q: Okay so, I am pregnant and in my 2nd trimester but I have heard from some people that you can go to tanning beds while pregnant and then I have heard from other people that you can’t. I always forget to ask my Dr. Is it safe? Could it harm my baby in anyway?
A: First off just let me say I have herad it all about tanning beds, anything from it cooks you from the inside out, and so on and so fourth, they are all myths and people who are ignorant and have know idea what they are talking about !!!! People, do your research .Ok now to get to your question,I also am pregnant with my 3rd, I have tanned with all 3 and have had no problems, I also work at a tanning salon and have for a while now, the only thing that obgyn’s are really worried about by tanning in bed’s is the heat, but I get hotter in the sun outside than I do in a tanning bed, think about it 10 or 20 min in a bed or 45 in the sun, I don’t think so !!! and dont let people say you are self absorbed and you only care about yourself and to stop being selfish,and your not thinking about the baby, and after youhave the baby you will not have time,well you deserve time for you !!!!! so have a family member watch the little one for 30 min or so, you will need that time…. I don’t care what people think, as long as you keep your temp down and consume plenty of fluids you will be fine, and actually it is a known fact it makes you feel better ! THE BABY WILL BE FINE…. What you hear are only myths.And as far as tanning salons not letting you tan while pregnant , that’s not true either, consult with your obgyn, if they say yes go for it, but if they say no, only remember it’s cause the heat, just grab a water and most tanning salons have fans, and just go for it!!!! they cant stop you! please for people who read this go do your research, there is nothing that states it’s harmful to the fetus.Oh yeah and to keep your skin looking youthful, pile on plenty of moisterisers, I’ve known women who worship the tanning bed who are in their 60’s who look like they are 45 or 50. moister moister moister, hope I have helped, GOOD LUCK !!!! CONGRATS ON THE BABY !! i’m adding some web sites for you to visit to offer more info, one is a site called tanning trends, it’s packed with info about new discoveries that it’s actually better than people thought to tan in beds, www.tanning or click on tan truth.hope to have helped.
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