Can pregnant women be around bleach

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You can use bleach while pregnant as long as you have good ventilation. If you feel dizzy, nauseous/have a headache get fresh air. [ Source: ]
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Is bleach bad for a pregnant woman to be around?
Bleach is said to be safe to use during pregnancy. Make sure you have good ventilation and wear protective gloves & clothing.
Can A Pregnant or Nursing Woman Bleach Her Teeth??
It is recommended and dentists agree that a pregnant woman and nursing mother should avoid any teeth whitening procedure. The reason for this is there’s no clinical studies done yet to find out the effects of the bleaching agents to a woman…
Can a seven month pregnant woman put bleach on her hair to dye it…?
Yes. very little of the chemicals are actually absorbed into your system. there are no sure-fire facts that say “If you dye your hair during pregnancy, something awful is going to happen!” and the fact that you’re 7 months pregnan…
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