Can pregnant women eat chili

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Yes, pregnant women can eat anything they’d like. Sometimes pregnancy makes indigestion worse, so she may regret eating chili. [ Source: ]
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Can pregnant women eat chili
Yes, pregnant women can eat anything they’d like. Sometimes pregnancy makes indigestion worse, so she may regret eating chili.

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It is true pregnant women are not supposed to eat chili when pregnant?
Q: I ate all kinds of chili hot, mild and not hot with my first pregnancy and never had problems. It never gave me heartburn, just bananas and grahm crackers made me feel like i had fire in my belly and throat. But my step daughter is telling me its not safe. I have always all my life had some kind of chili with my meals. It sounds silly but I just want to know so I can tell her.Thanks
A: Honestly my feelings are, they might as well tie me to a bed and feed me through a tube with all the crap they tell you not to do when you are preggo.I mean with things like fish and unpasturized milks and cheeses, be careful.But I think it’s up to you. If chili makes you feel better and doesn’t make you sick, then by all means eat it!And it’s your pregnancy, not your step daughters!
What can a pregnant woman do to clear up sinus problem?
Q: I’ll have this stuffy nose for a week come tomorrow. I want to clear it up before it turns into a sinus infection. My doctor’s office is giving me conflicting information – some saying it is okay to use Tylenol Allergy & Sinus and others saying no b/c it has Phenyleprine in it (class C & bad for baby supposedly). What can I take to clear this up? Any home remedies out there that don’t include eating hot chilies since I have gastritis – not to mention the fact that it would drive the babe insane. Resources greatly appreciated and best answer gets the points. The issue arises from change in weather – we’re getting a lot of rain right now – not to mention that my boss keeps the office at about 65 degrees (WAY too cold for my blood). Can’t get ahold of Dr. until my appt. next week. Until then, stuck with one nurse after another.The breathe right strips sounded like a good idea until I read the box and found out that they are made of latex – which I’m allergic to.
A: Saline sprays. You just need to flush out your sinuses and blow your nose…. And then stay inside as much as possible.
Am I over reacting or would you switch OBGYN doctors? 30weeks 2 days preg!!?
Q: Ok, So at my 1st appt with this dr I did not want the H1N1 vaccination shot, I told her it was a decision my husband and I came to. She lectured me for about 10 minutes then told me she was uncomfortable that I could not make my own decisions! Now at my last Appt she lectured me again on my weight gain..which is now at 30lbs. She was like you work in a grocery store you can eat the Salad Bar or walk down the hall to Subway!! I told her we eat Wendys(fast food) at least once a week and she told me to skip the burger/fries and have a baked potato or Chili!! The entire time she was making me feel so uncomfortable in my own skin like I should be ashamed of myself, Looking me up and down the entire appt.( of course she was a tiny little woman) Then she asked if I had any questions, I said yes I brought my little list with me, I got 1 question out and she stood up and said see ya in 2-3 weeks!! Also I asked her what were the chances of a male dr being the one to deliver me?? I would be more comfortable with a woman and she was offended and said Some of My best collegues are male drs!! Now Im depressed and am scared to eat, because I dont want to gain any more weight and get lectured. Im 30wks pregnant with #1 its a boy!!!! How do I go about switching dr’s in a nice way. If I don’t switch im going to be afraid to see the dr… Please help–1st time mommy to be. 27yrs old 5’4 -68 days to go- My husband is 31yrs old 6’4–if that helps at all 🙂 My current weight is 165
A: omg thats really bad! i was a little big before i even got pregnant and obviously i havent lost any weight bein pregnant and my midwife hasnt once mentioned it! or told me to watch what i eat.. she checked my blood pressure and blood tests and all that came back fine meaning that weights not an issue, if your bp’s fine then its not a problem.. and its your choice to have the shot or not, i did have mine but its up to you and your husbands, sounds like shes forgot its both of your babies! its her job to answer your questions and reassure you not make you feel inadequite or embarrassed..x i would definatly change, when booking your next appoinment ask the receptionist for an alternative dr/midwife, and they shouldnt question it i wouldnt have thought x god luck tho hunny.. theres nothing wrong with you! shes very bad at her job and unproffesional! x
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