Can pregnant women eat hotdogs

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You should be aware of what is good to eat and also what is not so good to eat. Listeria is a type of bacteria that can be(more?) [ Source: ]
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Can pregnant women eat hotdogs?
eating hot dogs while pregnant should be done in small amounts. Hot dogs have a lot of sodium in them, which isn’t good for anyone, but especially not good for mom and baby.
Should pregnant women eat hotdogs?
Hot dogs are made from all the scraps of meat left over from cutting a side of beef. Actually meat is not good to eat anytime. It is the cause of most of your diseases, Cancer, Diabetics, Heart disease, etc. Animals are fed dead, decayed, d…
Can pregnant women eat hot dogs?
i though first base was taking her to a nice cook out….and we all know what happens after some beer and hotdogs yup thats right unprotected penetration YEE HAW!

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19 and pregnant,food worries?
Q: sorry for another question about my pregnancy lol.its just I really havent the slightest clue about what to do?? i am trying to do the best i can for my baby i gave up smoking as soon as i found out when i smoked 20 a day, i havent had a single alchoholic drink and dont plan to either (even if they do say 1 or 2 is safe, i wont put any risk on my baby) iv even bought folic acid tablets,the thing is though i heard you cannot have vitamin A i ate some cookies and they had vitamin A in them, i dont even no what vitamin A is? what foods is it usually in? also i found out eating strawberries is good for pregnant women so i ate loads of them throughout the week then found out that its very dangerous incase they contain pestercides??? i feel such a failureeeeeee!!! they i ate a HOTDOG anf then read that you cant eat them either. or soft cheese but i have been eating dairylee dunkersss??? aaahhhhh. its depressing me im doin g evrything wroonnggggg.
A: The best thing is to not stress over everything, as hard as it may seem. You can pretty much eat anything you did before you were pregnant. Strawberries are fine as well, just wash any fresh produce well before eating it and you will be fine! Hotdogs are also fine, I ate them through my entire pregnancy and my little guy is perfectly normal and healthy 🙂
got my BFP- now what can I eat at a cookout?
Q: My brother’s birthday is this weekend, and he’s also leaving for Basic real soon, so my husband and I are throwing him a birthday party at our house this weekend. We’ll be grilling burgers, brats, and hot dogs, and there will be baked beans, potato salad, birthday cake…you know, the usual.I vaguely recall hearing that eating grilled meats are bad, hamburger especially, and that pregnant women are not supposed to eat hot dogs either…is this true? I don’t like Brats…so I’ll have to cook something else entirely for myself?I’d really like to have a hamburger or a hotdog. Would it be safe? and can I eat potato salad (with mayonnaise and egg) and baked beans?We’re thinking of telling the fanily we’re preggers that day, but I hadn’t intended to do so until AFTER all the birthday party and farewells and good lucks…so as not to turn my BROTHER’s party into a party for me and my husband. That would be SO rude!
A: Well thanks, now I want BBQ!You can eat all of it, just don’t eat any of the BBQ stuff that is blackened (that’s not good for anyone). that’s nice that you are going to wait until after the party to tell you family the good news. congrats!
is hotdog meat bad for my baby? please im soo scared!?
Q: im 8 1/2 months pregnant ive heard that hot dog meat is bad that’s why i haven’t eaten them throughout my pregnancy, but i went to a party today and they were serving hot dogs and i was hungry so i ate two!im sorry its just that i didn’t think anything would happen considering that i never ever eat them…. i don’t eat lunch meat like bologna only subway.ALSO IVE HEARD THAT US PREGNANT WOMEN CAN GET INFECTED BY LISTERIA AND IT CAN CAUSE STILLBIRTH, AND IT DOES TO 22% OF PEOPLE!!! PLEASE HELP!!!PROFESSIONAL HELP PLEASE!!!!!OH YEA AND THE INFO I READ ON LISTERIA WAS BY TH CDC Center of Disease Control (CDC)According to the Center of Disease Control (CDC), an estimated 2,500 persons become seriously ill each year in the United States and among these, 500 will die. According to research, pregnant women account for 27% of these cases. CDC claims that pregnant women are 20 times more likely to become infected than non-pregnant healthy adults.
A: dont worry unless they were raw (which i doubt) you are fine the people at wic told me that i could not eat them or lunch meat i am now 18 weeks andi have ate at least 2 sandwiches and plenty of hot dogs. they say not to eat because it could cause problems but this barely started do you know how many people eat hotdogs daily and their babies are fine dont worry 2 dogs are not going to hurt you or the baby.
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