Can pregnant women eat lobster

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Lobster is not on the ‘no eats’ while pregnant list, you can enjoy. However, Swordfish you should stay away from. [ Source: ]
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Can pregnant women eat lobster?
Pregnant women can eat lobster but only in small quantities. It’s high in cholesterol and should actually be avoided if possible. Perhaps a nice egg white omelet instead!
Can you eat smoked salmon whilst pregnant?
Yes,salmon is one of the safe fish for you to eat.You just have to avoid fish that may contain a high level of mercury.Check out,it has a huge list of what is safe and what isn’t.
Is crayfish or lobster safe to eat if your pregnant??
I have read rock lobster is safe, Maine/American lobster is high in mercury, so not safe. Crayfish are safe. Got this info from the American Pregnancy Association.

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Can a pregnant woman eat lobster?
A: Ask your doctor about dietary restrictions. That is the only safe way to know.
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