Can pregnant women go bowling

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Bowling should be fine while you are pregnant. Doctors recommend doing the same activities you did prior. Except trampoline etc. [ Source: ]
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Pregnant women can bowl as long as they are not at a risk of endangering themselves or the baby. To be absolutely sure, they should check with the doctor who can give them limitations on what they can or can not do.
With my first child I bowled on a night ladies league my whole pregnancy. My doctor said it was fine and in fact it was good exercise for the mom and the baby. I would just make sure that she has a ball that is comfortable with. I had no co…
Since your joints and ligaments get looser during pregnancy, it’s possible that the motions used in bowling will strain your back.

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Can pregnant women go bowling?
Q: I have a friend who is about 3 months preg. Can she bowl? not like hard core competing or anything–just for fun. . . .
A: She sure can. It’s wonderful exercise. Good for her.
Can pregnant women bowl?
Q: Im 4 months pregnant and my family and I are going bowling this coming Sunday and I want to know if it will harm my unborn child.
A: As long as you don’t have anything else going on that you need to worry about, yes you can bowl. In all honesty, I have never heard of bowling harming an unborn child. I bowled 7 months pregnant, but I bowled before, during and after pregnancy. Not saying you should follow what I did, but I threw a heavier bowling ball. I hear this is the norm with many pregnant women who bowled before their pregnancy (they said it helped with their balance, guess it depends on the woman). I would say take it easy and do what you think you can handle. If you feel at all like you are over doing it, then stop.
can pregnant women go bowlng?
Q: My wife is 5 months pregnant and we’re looking for something to do. She wants to go bowling but I’m not sure how safe that would be for her.
A: Yes she can go bowling! Use a light weight ball..The smoking isn’t good…But I think she will be fine I went bowling and have 5 kids!!
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