Can pregnant women take hot baths

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Don’t take a hot bath. There’s an increased risk of birth defects in babies of women who had an increased body temperature. [ Source: ]
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Is It Ok For Pregnant Women To Sit In A Hot Bath?
I am 2 months pregnant now, and my doctor told me its alright for a while, no longer than 10 minutes (enough time to heat the body completely) and never scorching hot.

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Why can’t pregnant women take hot baths?
Q: I was just wondering.
A: Long ago there was an old wives tale that pregnant women shouldn’t take baths because it would increase the likelihood of infections since the woman is just sitting in the “dirty” water. However doctors have since determined that the women can take baths, they just aren’t supposed to take them above 75-80 degrees (F) because they’re body temp will rise thus making the baby’s temp rise and heartrate increase. Good rule of thumb, if it’s too hot to put a baby in then it’s too hot for a pregnant mom!
Can anyone tell me a physical sign that indicates whether a bath is too hot for a pregnant woman?
Q: I know that you are not supposed to take HOT baths during the first trimester (although the birth defect risk is minor), but I do enjoy a nightly bath. I would say my bath starts hot and quickly cools as I add cold water. My bath is never steamy and I don’t let myself get to the point where I sweat. However, short of getting a special thermometer, I don’t know if it is HOT or WARM. Maybe what I feel is warm is really hot or the other way around. Again – Does anyone know of a physical guideline that I can follow – presence of steam? sweat? something?
A: I am pregnant and have a hot tub at home. I was told I cannot get in because of the heat – I didn’t know think it was only for the 1st trimester, I thought it was throughout the whole pregnancy. I do love hot baths and still take ’em as long they are not too hot. You can really tell by when you put your hand or your feet in the tub and know if it is too hot or warm-hot. I suggest just trust your senses-feeling the water. That’s what I do.
Are warm baths alright for a pregnant woman to take?
Q: I’ve read that hot tubs/jacuzzi’s can be bad on the baby, but what about warm baths? Is there any risk in this? Thanks a lot.
A: Warm baths are fine. The reason why hot tubs/jacuzzis are bad is because the baby is unable to regulate it’s own body tempurature in utero…so esentially, it will overheat and will be unable to recoop from it.Warm is fine…just not HOT.
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