Can pregnant women take tamiflu if they get swine flu

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Yes, in fact they should as soon as possible if they are diagnosed with Swine Flu. Thanks for using ChaCha. [ Source: ]
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Do you know any pregnant women who got swine flu? Did they take t…?
Hi Stratomanssy. Here are some faqs that may be helpful for you. 1. What are the possible side effects of the 2009 H1N1 flu shots? The side effects from 2009 H1N1 flu shots are expected to be like those from seasonal flu shots. The most …
Can pregnant woman take tamiflu for swine flu?
First of all go to your GP. They are not seeing most people with swine flu symptoms, but if you say you are pregnant, they will! Your Dr will then be able to prescribe something to you, there isn’t a lot of research into antiviral drugs and…
Can pregnant women take tamiflu to cure from swine flu??
When my son was diagnosed with H1N1(swine flu), the Dr. gave me Tamiflu so it would stop the H1N1 from starting. If taken before symptoms tamiflu attacks the virus before it can make you sick. My son took it and was only sick for 1 1/2 days…

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Tamiflu and Pregnancy?
Q: I am 26 weeks pregnant and my 4 year old daughter tested positive for the swine flu – they prescribed both of us Tamiflu. I have not yet taken mine as I am scared and I can’t get any useful information on it – other than it is classified as a Category C and says only take if benefits outweigh the risks? Any other pregnant woman take this, if so any bad effects to it?
A: I didn’t take mine, because my flu symptoms were not severe at all and I felt that I could get through it fine. I did and all was well with the world. It’s a personal choice that you need to make.
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