Can women get pregnant when they are on their period

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Yes. It is indeed possible to get pregnant while they are on their period but very rare. [ Source: ]
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The least likely time for a woman to get pregnant is when she is on her period, but it is possible. Sperm can live inside of the body for several days, so it is possible to have sex while on the period and then actually become pregnant a fe…
Yes you can – sperm can live for up to ten days inside you, so if you’re on the last day of your period there’s a remote chance.

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can a women get pregnant while their on their period or while they are menstruating?
Q: When is the time period a women can get pregnant?
A: YES! It use to be a folklore legend/myth that a woman couldn’t get pregnant while on their period. The reason being is a lot of woman preferred not having sex while on their cycle. A woman can most certainly get pregnant just as much as they can when they aren’t on their period.
When women have sex on their period, can they get pregnant if the man does not use a condom?
Q: “Some women experience a heightened libido around the time of their period.””Some women claim a heightened emotional reaction to sex during menstruation.”“Many women experience stronger orgasms during their period.””Orgasms help relieve cramping in many women.””The period can produce a natural lubricating effect in the vagina in some women””Some guys claim that their ladies feel tighter during their period, as their bodies experience bloating and swelling.””It can be exciting to conquer what some people consider a taboo, such as period sex.””According to a study of 2000 women cited in the March 2004 edition of Marie Claire magazine, those who have sex during their period were less likely to develop endometriosis.”“Period sex is a healthy, safe, and normal activity to engage in”
A: It really depends on when you ovulate. If you are a textbook 28 day cycle with perfect ovulation, then no. But the fact that textbook is not real life, then assume that yes, it could happen.
so can a women get pregnant when they are on their period?
A: Pregnancy can only occur when both sperm and egg are present. On average, ovulation occurs around 14 days before the start of the next period, so most women are not ovulating during their period. However, menstrual cycles vary from women to women and many women have irregular periods. So, while it is not likely to get pregnant from sex you had on your period, it is not impossible either. After ejaculation, sperm can live for several days inside a woman, even as long as 6-7 days if conditions are optimal. After ovulation, the egg is viable for about 12-24 hours. If by chance a couple had sex toward the end of a woman’s period and she ovulated just a few days later, it is possible there could be sperm left to fertilize the egg. During your period is not optimal conditions for sperm, though. It would be a slim chance of getting pregnant when on your period, but it could happen. You are not most fertile during your period. You are most fertile surrounding your possible ovulation time. Yes, a woman could get pregnant on their period, but it isn’t very likely.
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