Can you be pregnant and start your period

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No, but vaginal bleeding while pregnant is very common. Although usually nothing serious, check with your doctor to be safe! [ Source: ]
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Can you be pregnant and start your period?
You can be pregnant and still have a period. Generally what you are experiencing is not actually a period, but rather implantation bleeding. When the egg implants into the uterus many women experience bleeding, which can be mistaken as a pe…
I Haven’t Started My Period! Am I Pregnant?
Definitely take a test! If you aren’t using anything and your period still hasn’t come on, there is a really good change that you are expecting. If you get a negative on the test, I would see a doctor for the blood test just in case.
Am i pregnant? or about to start my period?
Sorry to say this because you sound so young, and you just lost your virginity. After a girl goes through that (losing her innocence) she should enjoy her body, and herself, not be a mother 9 months later. I think you are definitely pregnan…

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Can you be pregnant and start your period?
Q: Okay well I was wondering..I have been feeling really sick and everything and my period was a week late. I started last night and it is REALLY heavy. So heavy that I have to change the tampon every hour using a super…Can you be pregnant and still be on your period?
A: i had this same problem… you probably have miscarried without even Knowing you were pregnant or stress could have caused your period to come later than normal. In my case i had cyst that bust and caused me to have inflammation and a very very heavy period that was pretty painful. but honestly with a period being that heavy its not likely that you are pregnant. get it check out to make sure it isn’t something more serious
can you be pregnant and start your period the day after you have unprotected sex?
Q: i had unprotected sex on tuesday, and started my period wednesday. i wasn’t worried at first but i was told by a friend that is is still very possible that i am pregnant. i would like to know if this has happened to anyone else, or if they could help me. thank the way we used a condom but it broke. i thought unprotected was easier to say but yes i was trying to be protected
A: Yes, it’s possible, because fertilization happens in the fallopian tubes, far away from where your period is going on. If an egg is fertilized, it can take a week or almost two to travel the length of the fallopian tubes and implant in the uterus. By that time your period would be long over and there might be enough of a uterine lining for the egg to implant into.Now let’s talk about likelihood. Most women do not ovulate just before or during their periods; that usually happens in the middle part of the cycle, though the exact time varies from woman to woman. But ovulating very late or very early in the cycle does happen, and occasionally a girl can ovulate twice in one cycle. So if you’re thinking you can avoid pregnancy by having unprotected sex only at times when you think you’re not fertile, think again. If you spend some time over in the Pregnancy section, you’ll see lots of stories from women who’ve gotten pregnant at odd times.I wouldn’t call it “very possible”, just “possible”. Which ought to be scary enough if you don’t want to get pregnant.
Is it normal to feel like your going to start your period if your pregnant?
Q: I thought I was supposed to start my period last week. We have been ttc and I have took a test on Saturday that was negative. I still have not started but I have the normal symptoms and feel as though I may start anytime. I have felt this way for about 2 weeks. Are pregnancy symptoms the same as period symtoms? If you have had a child can you tell me how you felt right around the first missed period?
A: It’s possible! I felt bloated and crampy, just like I was PMSing…but then, a little bit of spotting and then nada. But, normally, I would just have the cramps for a couple of days before, and during the week before I found out I was pregnant, the cramping lasted a few days. I took an HPT about 2 days after my period was supposed to start.And, no, not all pregnancy symptoms are the same as period symptoms. Here’s a link to a list of early pregnancy signs:
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