Can you be pregnant even though you got your period

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You could be just finishing a cycle and still become pregnant. You should get a pregnancy test to find out for sure. ChaCha on! [ Source: ]
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Can you be pregnant even though you get your period?
Well, im going to answer short and simple: Take a test. theres no negative effect from taking a few pregnancy tests if you have not already gotten your period. I recomend taking 1-3 tests, just to make sure you get the right answer/results….
Could I be pregnant even though I got my period??
Well, since your period was 2 weeks ago that would put you right about the time for ovulation, which would explain the sore breasts. If you haven’t had any other symptoms I would say you are fine. It is true that some people can have period…
Can I be pregnant even though I got my period??
Yes. If you suspect you are pergnant your first step is a home pregnancy test. Women who are pregnany typically have a bloody discharge… it is not a period… however several women THINK it was a light period when they are actually pregna…

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Can you get pregnant even though your period is just around the corner?
Q: I was wondering if you have intercourse just a few days before your period is due, can you still get pregnant? Also when is the best time you can take a pregnancy test (even though your period might start really soon). P.S: He didn’t cum inside, but maybe precum.
A: Yes, yes you can.Don’t believe for a minute that having sex at any particular day in relation to your period means you can’t get pregnant.Fertility isn’t something you want to try to guess or work around.
Can you be pregnant even though you just got your period?
Q: ok so i had unprotected sex the 15th and just got my period the 16th. could i still get pregnant? now i did have unprotected sex twice the 21st and the 22nd and thought i was pregnant cause i havnt felt normal. really dizzy and nausea but never thrown up. also sore breast. but i am pretty sure i am having my period though its not heaviy like it usually is. anyway someone help me if you have an answer or any advice . o i did take a at home pregnancy test the 12th though that might have been to early even if i was pregnant the first time. anyone have ideas please…
A: No you aren’t.
Is it possible to be pregnant even though you had your period two weeks after?
Q: When I push on my lower abdomen I feel like I can feel something but it could be just my insides lol. My lower abdomen also feels funny but I got my period. I didn’t even have intercourse. He didn’t even put it in a little bit just had it touching around there. This was about 6-7 weeks ago and I got my period. Is it possible I could be pregnant or am I being paranoid?
A: No, you may just be a little paranoid because if you have your period after intercourse than you arent pregnant Hope i helped :]
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