Can you be pregnant with a mirena

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It is possible to become pregnant while using Mirena, just the same with any birth control. Thanks for using ChaCha! [ Source: ]
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Can you be pregnant with a mirena
It is possible to become pregnant while using Mirena, just the same with any birth control. Thanks for using ChaCha!
Can you become pregnant on the mirena iud?
Yes, it is possible to get pregnant while on the Mirena IUD but it’s doesn’t happen often, it is very rare. Just keep in mind that while it is a good idea to use birth control if you don’t want to get pregnant, the only form of birth contro…
Recent Mirena (iud) Removal. Am i pregnant?
A lot of people have irregular periods when they stop using hormone based birth control. Some become regular immediately, others can take 12 months. You can also see a lot of changes like the ones you describes, when I stopped taking the BC…

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can you carry a baby full term if you got pregnant on Mirena?
Q: I just took a pregnancy test and it came back positive and I have Mirena. I would be devastated if I would loose this baby due to the type of birth control I chose. Even though this isn’t the best of times to be pregnant I would accept this baby with open arms.
A: idk but i think that you will be a great mom cause i dont think many people would want to keep a baby if they were on birth control and got pregnant
What can happen if your pregnant when you get the Mirena inserted?
Q: I got the Mirena inserted 4 days ago. I had a pregnancy test at the doctors before she insterted it which came up negative. But prior to that I hadnt had my period for 3 1/2 weeks.I only had spotting on the day it was inserted and now no bleeding?I feel pregnant, and told the Dr that but she said it would be fine that I wont be because I am breastfeeding (i have a 4 month old) But I have been getting periods and ovulating since I had my daughter. Before I had my daughter and since I had her I have had terible periods, Long, heavy and sore, hence why I choose the Mirena as contraceptive. Does anyone know what will/can happen to my baby if I am pregnant with the Mirena? A baby wouldnt really be good right now, but I wouldnt want to know that I hurt him/her by getting the Mirena. I dont want to go to the Dr.s just yet, I dont want to look like a drama queen and like Im over reacting! heheAlso, does your milk supply dry up if you fall pregnant again??Thanks.I would take another home pregnancy test, but just want to wait a little bit. My last pregnancy – I was 8 weeks along before I showed on a test. Even blood tests didnt pick it up until 8 weeks.
A: Im in the same boat. I’ve got a three month old, also a young mum and I want to get the merina but scared I might be preggies. With my pregnancy I also only showed up after 8 weeks! So we got a lot in common. It will not harm your baby at all but it can cause a miscarriage, there is a greater risk of miscarriage if is left in but while it is being removed the risk of miscarriage is greatest… just wait a while and if you’re pregnant get it removed, dont worry till then…now that you’re sorted what am I going to do…lol..
What happens to the fetus if you get pregnant while on Mirena IUD?
Q: I am not pregnant but I have the mirena and have seen many women say that they got pregnant even while on mirena. I havent had any problems with it, but now Im worried because I have had classic signs of pregnancy but they can be easily explained by something else also.And does the mirena affect home pregnancy test? Someone told me they could cause a false negative.
A: I really wouldnt worry about other peoples “Stories” I have had my tubes tied for almost 4 years and do you know HOW MANY people have said to me “Oh, i wouldnt count on that being 100% effective because this this and that person got pregnant after getting theirs done!”…yea, well, unfortunate for them but I am only one of SEVERAL people that i know that HAVE mine done and none of us have had any unwanted pregnancies. People are just trying to scare you. While it IS possible to get pregnant on the mirena ( like 1 in 1000 women) its rare. As for what happens to the fetus? well, i am living proof that nothing will happen. My mother got pregnant with ME while on the IUD (in 1975) and i am perfectly 100% healthy. And medicine has come a loooooooooooooooooong way since 1975. So, i really wouldnt worry. 🙂
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