Can you bowl when your 5 months pregnant

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Yes you can, but its recommended not to. Thanks for using chacha. [ Source: ]
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Is it safe for me to go bowling at 5 months pregnant??
You shouldn’t move around heavy objects when you’re pregnant. Then again my friend’s mom ate junk food, worked at K-Mart lifting boxes and drank wine when she was pregnant with my friend and she is now a domestic lawyer and passed with flyi…

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has prozac helped your dog?
Q: I have a 4 yr old yellow lab. I bought him at a pet store… i know..needless to say he has many issues. However issues and all he is my love. My husband and I bought a house last year and he has a golden. Since all of us have been living together my lab has shown excessive dominance aggression. Sometimes for no reason he will just freak out. He will bite if you go near his food bowl, he will growl and snap if he has a bone..however he can play with dog toys fine with the other pup and play for hours on end without an issue. My niece was over the other day and got into his bed and he growled at her showing teeth. Im now 5 months pregnant and we know having a baby in this environment is not safe. We called in a behaviorist who did not think he was “that bad”. He has bit me once when he was guarding the kitchen after he ate his breakfast. We have worked with him a lot..walks commands etc. The vet told me to try prozac and i was hesitant until we exhausted all other options. Last week i put him on it. I feel awful about it bc if he is having side effects he cannot tell me. I just want to be able to keep him in our home with a child and not have to worry as much. I know I cannot trust him 100% but Im praying for improvement. Has anyone has luck with prozac???
A: Here is my qualified answer to your issues…Yes, I have put a dog on prozac and the only effect I could see and he could feel is that he slowed down a little..not enough to warrant me keeping him on it for ever. I took him off and tried other options before exhausting all of those before he was sold.Your problems are not prozac related, they are genetics and training related with a touch of not willing to do the obvious.First, had that dog growled at a child and he were mine, he would be taking a one way trip to the vet to be put down..second, the dog has behavioral issues some of which were created by his genetics and there is nothing you can do about that, and then he has issues such as resource guarding which tells me that he has not been properly told nor trained in who is in charge of the house and his pack.You are pregnant and you will be bringing a child into this world, your priorities must be for that child first. Your behaviorist is either lying or not willing to work with your dog because from what you describe here, he has very serious issues.Some can be worked on and managed and some will never change because you cannot change temperament.Obviously he has a faulty temperament and that is not your fault.That dog needs to be gone before the baby comes or you WILL have a huge problem in your hands with the way things stand at the moment, that much I promise!!Hope I helped!!
What Flintstone vitamins should I take/pregnant. Other suggestions? Please help, please Read?
Q: There are all kinds of flinstone vitamins, I don’t know which one is the right one to take? And I’m supposed to take two right? This is kind of long, but please read it, you might be able to help me. Plus you will probably find it an interesting story if you are preg. =)Okay, this is my second pregnancy, and I was constipated for all of the first pregnancy, and then after because I was taking the prenatals for nursing. I never knew untill this pregnancy that my prenatals were causing my problem. I stopped taking them when my daughter was 3 months old, and the constipation went away. Well, we got prgnant again when my daughter was 4 months. So, I am taking prenatals again. I am so constipated. Today is five days without a movement. I was like this throughout all of my last pregnancy and I don’t want to feel like crap 5 out of 7 days of the week when I am caring for a baby all day. And then there’s the hemorrhoids. I got them like 5 months into my first pregnany. My doctor told me there was nothing I could do about it. Infact, she and all my other doctors, told me that I could do absolutly nothing about constipaition during pregnancy, one even said that it should get worse. That’s why I never knew that it was just the prenatals. >=( So, I never recovered from the hemorrhoids, even when I was not constipaited for a few weeks. I have been constipaited for well over a year and suffering from hemorrhoids for almost 11 months. I am in pain all them time. When I have a movement the bowl fills with blood (well, not “fiils” lol) but there is quite a lot of it. Sorry to be graffic, but my movements are literally 3 inches in diameter. =( And my hemorrhoids are the size or marbles after I finally go!! I have been taking Phillips Milk Of Magnesia sinse last night with NO improvement. I know you are not supposed to take a laxative while pregnant, but a lot of people say that this is on their docs safe list. My doctor didn’t even give me a safe list. Thay said NOTHING is safe during pregnancy. Idiots. What should I do! I really need help. I did some research and found that I will need surgery to remove the hemorrhoids if they continue to get worse. My aunt just had to have a surgery for chronic constipation. I don’t wan’t that while i am pregnant. I have tried changing prenatals, and eating all kinds of vegatables. I even ate only vegatable for two weeks last pregnancy and drank a gal of water a day…nothing changed. I was drinking almost a gal of water a day every day last time. 1.) What worked for you?2.) What is on your safe list.3.) which flintstone vitamins can I take.With my first pregnancy, they told me I could not switch doctors because I had medical. I didn’t really look into it because all I cared about it having a healthy baby. Even though I didn’t like the doctors, it wansn’t that big of a deal. With this pregnancy I looked into my rights and I can infact switch dotors, and I have. I have not met my new doctor yet. I have an apt comming up very soon.
A: Take the ones for Fussy eaters (purple bottle i think) and pick up some folic acid as well. Oh and for constipation and what not, drink lemon tea, or hot water with a quarter of a lemon squeezed in.
Husband doesnt seem to see his responsibilities..doesnt spend much time with pregnant wife?
Q: My husband and I have been together for over 4 years, but we just got married less than a year ago. I am now 6 months pregnant. He’s 22 and I’m 19. Yes, we’re young. His older brother is celebrating his birthday on saturday at a place called lucky strike lanes, but after 8PM only 21 and over are allowed because of the bars inside. My husband wants to go, and I already know that his brother wants to go clubbing after too, therefore my husband would be going as well. It bothers me a lot. When we were dating, I told him I dont want to be with someone thats going to be a drinker and stuff, because of how I grew up seeing my dad when hes drunk and having to take care of him because my mom hated it. So he promised.. but i found out last year that he started drinking a couple months after he turned 21 and kept it from me. I found out from someone else, and he confirmed it. I’ve forgiven him since, but havnet let him live it down much because, it hurt you know? anyway, i dont mind him drinking now. I’m fine with it really. but..going to a bar and club to drink and stuff… while im pregnant..i just dont think its fair..especially when he works 5 days a week and only gets sunday and saturday off.. And the clinics I have to go to for my pregnancy appts are during the week, so I have to go without him. I feel that he should want to spend time with me you know, or at least for the babys sake since hes missing out on the pregnancy. I mean..I just been feeling alone during the pregnancy…I know hes working hard for us…nd we don’t have to time to find a job that gives him more time know..but still..=/One time, I went to the club with him, and he looked at me, I know he was already drunk but still able to function…nd he said “your sad arent you…it hurts you that im drinking and like this..I can so sorry…it hurts me to see you and how you look at me when im like this..I don’t want to be like this to you…I just.. Its just an occasion….but I know it hurts you…” and I felt his sincerity in that. I felt like he understood me and how I felt..but why was he still doing it then?? I don’t know.. But I do know, he knows how I feel, and how it makes me feel. But hes still going to be doing it…I don’t know. Anyway…i was surprised because i thot he’d let me go too, imean, I came up with a plan and everything cause the bowling place is next to the mall so id just stay at the mall, nd when it closes, id wait for him in the car nd drive him home since he be drinking, but he kinda made it obvious he’d rather do all of this solo nd ride with his brother. i was just on the comp and he goes “so what are u gunna do tomorrow?” nd i just answered “whatever you’re doing, im doing” because i always try to spend the weekends doing whatver with him. but then he goes “no, i mean since the bowling place is 21 and over, what are u gunna be doing when im not here” nd i was a bit thrown off.i dont know. i looked up other ppls questions and answers but everyone elses situation has something different even if the answers/advice helped me understand better, i figure there might be another answer out there for me you know?The answers I saw from other ppls questions were things like:we’re young. He hasn’t gotten a chance to live his life and party much yet, so before the baby comes along with all the extra responsibilities and the fact that he not only has to work to support me and hhim, but the baby too… to just let him have his fun time now and he will realize and see on his own his responsibilities. Or, now that im pregnant, he should give up the evenings/weekends out with his friends to be with me when hes off work. If a guy is going to cheat he will do it regardless when or where hes allowed to go somewhere.Should I just be okay with it and let it go nd just wait for him to become more responsible instead of pressuring him now to act more grown up? He is still young…I know he should be enjoying his life but, we’re married. We’re having this baby.. shouldn’t he be sacrificing as much as I am?
A: Sorry there’s not much I can say otherwise than what you don’t want to hear which is why most people don’t get married and pregnant at this age. This is exactly why, and there’s no easy solution.If it’s his brother’s birthday, he should go, I can understand why he wants to, you should let him. If he’s persistently drinking each weekend rather than spending time with you, then you need to have a serious discussion. Explain why it makes you upset, why you don’t want to stop his fun but you need to feel he’s responsible and there for you, and try to come to a compromise. Or try to arrange actual plans with him and/or some mutual friends, drink-free, that he might participate in. Based on what you said he said about it, it sounds like he’s perceptive to your wishes, he’s just excited about alcohol. (Where do you live, he’s only just become legal right? He may get over it in a while when the excitement diminishes.)Another thing – I’ve heard a lot of women say they felt like parents from when they were pregnant, but the guy didn’t get it until the baby was born. So he might change, who knows maybe he’s deliberately trying to get it out of his system before the birth? Good luck.Harriet
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