Can you drink wine when you’re pregnant

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There is some research that has been done that says moderate drinking has no affect on the baby during pregnancy. ChaCha for now! [ Source: ]
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Is it ok to drink a little wine when you’re pregnant?’re-pregnant
There are no definitive risks that are associated with a little consumption but health experts say that it is better to abstain.
Can you drink wine while pregnant?
It is not recommended that a pregnant woman drink any alcohol through her pregnancy because of the risk of Fetal Alcohol Syndrome. If she has had a glass of wine before she found out she was pregnant then she shouldn’t worry about it too mu…
Can pregnant women drink wine?
Although some people might suggest alcohol during pregnancy is okay, it really is something that should be avoided. If you have questions about this call your doctor.

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Is it okay to drink a little bit of wine while you’re prgnant?
Q: I know it’s bad to drink a lot, but what about like, just a glass. Because I’m 7 weeks pregnant with my first baby, but sometimes me and my friends drink a little bit. Since I know I’m pregnant, I only drink like a glass, not even nearly enough to get even nearly tipsy. I can’t really not drink when I’m with them, because it would just be awkward if they were all drunk and I didn’t even have a little bit. I would ask my mom about this, but she doesn’t really know I’m pregnant yet… I guess I’ll have to tell her eventually but I really need an answer to this now. Oh and I’m going to keep the baby so I don’t want it to turn out like retarded lol.Okay I’m 15. Just though I should say since some people are asking.
A: why not have a class of non alcoholic wine??? so u don’t feel left out and aren’t poisoning your baby?? If I go out somewhere with my friends who are drinking I order virgin drinks. I can still have my margarita’s or ceasers just without the alcohol in it…it’s a lot cheaper too
i’m chinese and would appreciate if you could help verify / debunked some of the myths / asian mentality?
Q: i’m chinese and would appreciate if you could help verify / debunked some of the myths / asian mentality that we have to abide when the japanese – can or will u eat raw sushi / sashimi when pregnant?to the french – do you drink wine when you’re pregnant? to the hawaiian – do you eat pineapples when you’re pregnant? cos the fruit is known to have a ‘cooling’ effect and therefore not good for the womb.thanks a lot!
A: you are not supposed to eat anything raw especially fish when you are pregnant because you could have a allergic reaction or get salmonella and get very very sick…you are not supposed to drink alcohol at all but if you do you are only suppose to drink about 4oz a day but most doctors will tell you not to even to that because of the risks for you baby in the long run…including premature birth…low birth weight and birth defects…..and you CAN eat pineapple….there is nothing wrong with eating that at all…….the cooling effect is just a myth or some sort of old wives tale….there is no scientific evidence about eating pineapple….i eat a lot of it when i was pregnant and i had a healthy 6lb baby girl….if you have similar questions i would go to or ask you obgyn. :)))
If you’re one of the ones propagating ‘one drink can cause fetal alcohol syndrome!’ hysterical nonsense, why?
Q: I am so tired of seeing women get crap here because they’re thinking about having a glass of wine _once a week_. Thirty-two Americans invariably show up to say “I can’t think for myself, so I don’t believe you should, either. I am unaware of, or ill-able to read and understand, research. Scare tactics sure work on me. Etc.””The Royal College of Obstetricians and Gynaecologists recently conducted a large study including 400,000 American women, all of whom had consumed alcohol during pregnancy. Not a single case of fetal alcohol syndrome occurred and no adverse effects on children were found when consumption was under 8.5 drinks per week. A recent review of research studies found that fetal alcohol syndrome only occurs among alcoholics. The evidence is clear that there is no apparent risk to a child when the pregnant woman consumes no more than one drink per day.” why is it still claimed otherwise, here?
A: Well, I personally think you have a valid point. I think the hysteria in America derives from the fact that we are bombarded by news reports and studies that pound into our heads about the dangers that can be caused by consuming alcohol. I believe that while some research shows that drinking alcohol during pregnancy will cause no harm to the baby if done in moderation, it is still important to relay to the American public how dangerous it can be if too much is consumed. You have to understand that here in America, overconsumption is a standard. That is why, in my opinion, we are told to follow such restrictions on alcohol during pregnancy. On the other hand, do I agree with the voracity of some Americans who denounce having a glass of wine here or there during pregnancy, NO. My doctor told me that it is fine to do so. He also told me to drink a glass of beer once a day after I had my daughter to help bring the milk in. What people need to realize is, drinking is not always done for the purpose of getting drunk. You shouldn’t be trying to get drunk when you are pregnant, but having a glass of wine will not hurt anything. The problem is, that is a hard concept for most to accept after being told over and over that consuming alcohol during pregnancy could harm their baby.
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