Can you eat broccoli when pregnant

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You can certainly eat broccoli while pregnant. It is reccomended and a good source of Vitamin C. ChaCha [ Source: ]
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Can you eat broccoli when pregnant
You can certainly eat broccoli while pregnant. It is reccomended and a good source of Vitamin C. ChaCha
Is it okay to eat green giant frozen broccoli & cheese while …?
look for additives that are you know are harmful, artificial sweeteners which shouldn’t be in there, and the cheese should be safe. Avoid soft cheese like brie and blue though. I would eat it.You could always just make your own homemade if …

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I’m so tired of diabetes – I’m pregnant and I want to eat!!!?
Q: Ok today I took a walk this morning – I did not eat – When I got home to do my fasting sugars my blood was 95- Usually when I wake up my blood is 85. I’m wondering why it was so high? I ate raw caulflower and broccoli with buttermilk ranch dressing. I also ate a burrito with beans and some chicken in it – and hour later my blood was 123. I waited two hours to try these fudge pops with only 5 grams of sugar that I just bought – but two hours later my blood was 115? I still are the fudge pop and I’m waiting to check my blood.What can I eat to bring my sugar down faster? How many points do you think that a 5 gram fudge pop will raise my blood? Why do you think that my blood was 95 after I took a walk?*Edit* Reed – I have Gestational Diabetes and I’m trying to follow the diets given to me- other wise there is no way that I would normally be eating chicken broccoli and cauliflower for a meal on my own!**Edit* – Sue -Thanks for the wise words!
A: I don’t have much advice, but I can definitely sympathize. I am pregnant with gestational diabetes too, and today I had an AWFUL day. First I had to go to a doctor who acted like I was 5 years old, blasted my diet even though I have worked SO HARD at changing my diet (It still wasn’t good enough), and then basically accused me of lying in my food diary because my “sugar levels are too high to have eaten just that…” I am hungry all the time, am having constant hypoglycemic attacks where I feel dizzy, shaky and sick, and today I just sat in the car after my doctor appointment and cried, saying “Its not fair, I just want to go eat a whole box of donuts!!!!” (The food cravings are NO FUN when you can’t have anything you’re craving! And today was national cheesecake day and I SO wanted to just go get a big old piece of cheesecake at the Cheesecake Factory!)Your numbers really don’t sound too bad. My numbers are up in the 130s – 150s after eating, so I am having to work in more protein and reduce the carbs even more. It is very difficult. My fasting BG is around 84 when I wake up in the AM – but I wake up starving and SICK feeling like I’m having a hypoglycemic attack.My dietician has said to try to keep carbs to 30 grams or less per meal, and be sure to eat plenty of protein to keep blood sugar more stable. Also, try having low carb snacks between meals – something with fiber and protein is good. I have found several “protein bars” that are very low in carbs and very high in protein and they do seem to be working to keep my sugar levels more stable. South Beach Diet has some good bars that actually taste GOOD. I am also eating peanuts, peanut butter, string cheese – anything that is filling without upping my carb intake. I don’t know if this is “cheating” or not – but if I want something like a fudge pop or popsicle or something of that nature – I eat it at nighttime before bed with a snack that is high in protein. My sugar levels are still in the 80s or 90s in the morning – so you might want to save your less than perfect snacks for the evening rather than the morning.Good Luck, and know that you are NOT alone – many of us are out there struggling with this. My mom is a type 2 diabetic, and I realize how difficult this has been for her. I have a lot of respect for how she has worked to alter her diet to keep herself healthy, and I also feel like I was taking for granted the ability to “eat whatever I wanted.” It had to stop sometime. I also know my risk for developing type 2 diabetes has gone way up with being diagnosed with gestational diabetes. So I am really trying to make healthy choices that I’ll be able to keep up after my pregnancy. Its going to be hard, but if I don’t, I realize I’ll eventually be diagnosed with diabetes and start having more serious health problems. Better to start now and raise my child with healthier eating habits than I have had up until now, to reduce his risk of complications later in life as well!
Is my wife pregnant?? Can a test be wrong? Help?
Q: My wife is about 3 weeks late for her period and I think she ovulated in November because of these tests you take (they’re green and from the internet) She has told me thousands of times over the past two weeks “I think I’ll start my period tonight” because she has cramps but then she never did.I noticed while out for dinner that she tried broccoli w/ her steak and made a funny face. She told me it tasted weird. She usually likes brocoli, and I read somewhere that pregnant women won’t eat brocoli because there’s something bad for it in the baby.She also has been hungry all the time, but she says her boobs don’t hurt. And…she feels (TMI alert) wet a lot.She took a pregnancy test from the internet (a blue one) two days ago at 18 days late and it was negative.Should we buy a test from the store? If she doesn’t get her period next week when she’s due we’ll see a Doctor for a blood test.Has anyone been really late and had negative urine tests, but ended up pregnant??Thanks!Oh the internet tests you dip in a cup of pee and they’re like 7 months old. I’m not sure when they expire but I thought they usually last a year?
A: Wait another week. If she still hasn’t her period yet then go and buy a pregnancy test from the drug store. If it still says negative then your not pregnant. She could just be skipping a period due to stress, not eating well…ect. If your really worried about it go to the health department. They will give your wife a pregnancy test and it should be like around $5 or free. Much cheaper then a doctor’s visit. Then if she is, then just start going to her regular doctor. When I was first pregnant I had 3 neg. pregnancy test then the 4th one came out positive. Just because her boobs don’t hurt doesn’t mean shes not pregnant. She does show signs of being pregnant though.That’s about all I can tell you. Every women is different. Hope this gave you some insight. 🙂
how can I get my lad to eat his greens?
Q: Hi It’s probably an age old question, but how do I get my lad to eat more greens without giving him an eating disorder!! Even through pregnancy my partner couldn’t eat green as it upset her and him too. Recent reports claim that if you feed yourself with lots of veggies when pregnant you give your child a taste for bitter food. It’s a bit late for that now as he is ten !! He does eat a bit of home grown broccoli and beans but very little else. I don’t want to turn this into a mountain but I do feel that I need to increase his intake. Has anyone any ideas please? Cheers
A: I think probably it’s healthier to let him express his preferences – they may just be too bitter for him, and all the picky eating (and often obese) adults I know were ‘made’ to eat food they hated. Now they’re adults, food is a big scary chore and they stick to ‘safe’ (often unhealthy) foods which taste good, in a state of permanent rebellion over meals. No one ever ‘made’ them eat chocolate and pizza and burgers, so they like chocolate and pizza and burgers…Contrast to my family – we had to taste new foods or new preparations – one mouthful – which we could spit out if we wanted, and if we didn’t like it, we’d just leave it. Every year or so we’d have to try again. My little sister spent a full year eating little but sausages, milk, carrots and biscuits! It was worrying for all of us, but we gritted our teeth and left her to it, my mum presenting other food, her tasting it and turning it down, until she grew out of the pickiness (which looking back was probably upset over something else) and she’s very healthy now. All of us will eat almost anything. We *like* spinach, broccoli, green beans, rocket salad, watercress… but we all ended up ‘growing into’ these flavours, more or less as adults. I’m willing to try beetroot again next year (I am thirty three) but I think I still won’t like it. On the other hand, I have finally learned to like olives in the last year. Yes, it took that long! We all hated liver except for cooked one specific way (ginger liver stirfry like mum makes) and my middle sister still dislikes it but likes beetroot, which I hate.I suggest doing what my mum did – cook things in as many different ways as possible, let him ‘try’ a mouthful and if he doesn’t like it, then he doesn’t have to eat it, and you can try again next year. That way he won’t end up scared of food. By getting to choose for himself, he’ll develop his own palate. I don’t think it will hurt to restrict his access to sweets and snacks between meals – I suspect you already do this so forgive me preaching to the choir.I also strongly suggest getting him involved in cooking meals, even ones he doesn’t later eat – that way he will leave home able to deal with these strange alien foodstuffs called ‘vegetables’ and be ahead of those poor students who don’t know how to do more than heat up processed food and order takeaway.Ten’s an age when the sweet tooth still rules and much food is very bitter and unpleasant – as he gets into his teens, I’d expect him to want new, more adult foods.Summary:***Get him involved in buying and cooking vegetable-based dishes***Present a wide variety of dishes over each month***Let him taste, and also let him decide not to eat more of a disliked food***Play the waiting game – so long as he is healthy and active, he will probably seek out foods he needs.Good luck
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