Can you eat crab when your pregnant

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Within moderation. Remember, sometimes women can get bad indigestion from rich or spicy foods so take it easy. Enjoy! ChaCha! [ Source: ]
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Can you eat imitation crab when you are pregnant??
If there is crab in i,i wouldnt eat too much because there are such high levels of mercury in it, which too much isnt good. But soem tuna or somethign liek that is okay once in a while, But i would stay away from the crab, lobster, oyster, …
Is it safe to eat crab legs when pregnant?
they say to limit your shell fish intake to about 2 servings per week. i ate it constantly at the beginnign of ym second pregnancy because its alll i could stomach hasvent had a problem and my doctor was never concerned
Can I eat Crab while I’m pregnant?
This is what the sheet of paper says that my obgyn gave me. Do not eat shellfish like crab and lobster because they are very high in mercury which is bad for the fetus because it does not have the stomach acid yet like adults do to kill off…

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Can you eat imitation crab when your pregnant?
A: yes because seafood has tons of nutrion in it so it is very healthy, you should eat about two servings of seafood each week.
Pregnant and still mostly eating garbage!?
Q: I KNOW how irresponsible this is but all I crave is garbage foods! Like carbs, carbs, crabs!!! Burgers, Pizza, fries. Before I got pregnant I was a vegetarian and ate extremely well. Now I go days without eating fruits/veggies. All I want is sandwiches lol, and pretty much anything sandwiched between a bun. I am 7 1/2 months do you think I harmed my baby? I don’t eat a lot of fastfood, I make all of this food and don’t eat any boxed dinners or frozen dinners so all of the “bad” food is at least homemade…….. I feel so bad, and I have gained 70 pounds so far in this pregnancy (it’s my first) but I just don’t know how to stop!! Can you please share some of your stories with me about your eating habits or how I can improve mine? PSI will NOT be an irresonsible mother, my child will be raised organic!!Even when I am breastfeeding, I understanbd the importance of eating solid wholesome nourishing foods… why can’t I do this now than?Wow Dave! Thats quite possibly one of the rudest things ever said to me… I can’t get mad though. I can just imagine who is insulting me- a scrawny little dork with no girlfriend, lives with mother, and whose world revolves around the internet. Try getting a REAL life, and talking people in REAL life…Loser!
A: Its just hard to fight our cravings b/c they’ll usually stick with us until we get what we want…you won’t harm the baby thats for sure just try and make up with a healthy juice of veggie drink with your burger or fruit smoothie…mmmm now I want one lol. Along with your prenatal vitamin the baby will get what they need. Good luck I feel the same way I wanted to eat healthy but its so hard to not want a burger or slice.
Questions about fish during pregnancy?
Q: My doctor said the only fish i am allowed to eat was shrimp and salmon and to stay away from all other fish especially if it is farm raised fish. Also, he said that Sushi is the worse form of fish you can eat when you are pregnant. so my questions are 1.) Is it bad to eat Sushi if its only a couple of times during your whole pregnancy? I am 17 weeks and i haven’t touched it since i found out i was pregnant at 4 weeks. I honestly love Sushi and ive been wanting it lately. Is it ok to eat it just a few times and thats it? 2.) Does Lobster and Crab constitute as fish when the doctor says no fish besides shrimp and Salmon? Are Lobster and Crab even considered fish?
A: 1. Sushi isn’t necessarily ‘bad.’ You do need to be careful because some sushi might not be prepared or stored properly and can contain listeria bacteria. So this is something that I really wouldn’t recommend, unless you are purchasing sushi-grade fish and storing it properly and preparing it yourself.2.Lobster and crab are perfectly fine to eat.Your doctor is slightly misinformed. Fish isn’t bad at all. It is an excellent source of nutrition. You just need to limit your portions, as certain fish can contain mercury, like wild caught tuna, shark, halibut, etc.Personally, I ate whatever fish I felt like when pregnant. You have to take everything with a grain of salt. You don’t need your doctor’s permission to eat. Just use some common sense, make sure everything is cooked properly and don’t gorge yourself on fish that may have high amounts of mercury.
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