Can you feel it in your stomach if you’re pregnant

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When you’re pregnant, you may often feel sick and vomit. ChaCha on! [ Source: ]
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Can you feel your stomach and tell if you’re pregnant??’re_pregnant
if your stomach is hardened After a couple months, you’ll be able to feel a firmness at or below your belly button.
Can you feel the muscles in your stomach when you’re pregnant??
what a questions yes you can until you blow up like a balloon then no you cant
What does your stomach feel like if you’re a couple of weeks preg…?
You don’t notice any stomach changes in pregnancy for a while. It doesn’t feel any different at 2 weeks or even 4 weeks. The first stomach change noticed is usually bloating after the first month or two of pregnancy.

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is it normal for your stomach to move if you dont believe you’re pregnant??
Q: i’m starting to wonder because here in the last few weeks, i can be laying down and i can feel my stomach moving! what should i do??
A: Okay, well first of all is it you STOMACH (right under your ribcage) or is it your UTERUS (lower abdomen where you might also feel cramps when you start your period)? If it’s you stomach or upper abdomen area more than likely it’s gas. There are all kinds of over the counter products you can get that will relieve your symptoms. You might also think about your diet and if it’s worse after you eat certain kinds of food.If the “movement” is in your lower abdomen and you’re absolutely CERTAIN you’re not pregnant, it’s probably still gas but you’re just not feeling it until it reaches your lower digestive tract. Once again, there’s over the counter stuff you can take for it. But unless you’re 100% certain you aren’t pregnant, go take a test just to put your mind at ease. Will probably be negative, but stressing over it can make gas worse.If over the counter stuff doesn’t help or you notice that it’s getting worse, call your doctor. Just make sure you aren’t referring to your entire abdominal region as your stomach. That way your doctor will have some idea how to better answer your question.
Can you feel your uterus growing when you’re pregnant?
Q: Every now and then (right now for example) I get these cramps in my abdomen it feels like period cramps except lighter and not as intense. It just stays in my abdomen and doesn’t shift around my hips and back like it would on my period.Also I get really weird stomach aches. It’s not “I’m going to throw up” stomach ache nor is it “I need to eat” stomach ache. It literally feels like the baby is pulling on my stomach.I’m 15 weeks if that helps answer this. Thanks!Yeah… I’m definitely NOT in labor. wtf.
A: It all sounds quite normal. You’re probably experincing what is called ’round ligament pain’… your uterus is held in place when you’re not pregnant by thick ligaments known as ’round ligaments’. They are having to soften and stretch as your uterus expands and this is most likely causing your discomfort. For some reason, round ligament pain is most commonly experienced on the right side – no-one is quite sure why this is.Of course, any abdominal pain that becomes severe should be checked out – better safe than sorry. Good luck with the pregnancy! 🙂
When you are pregnant does it feel like you have to take a crap?
Q: You know when you are just sitting there and you get a heavy sensation in your stomach and you just know you have to take a crap? When you are pregnant can you feel the baby in your stomach making you constantly feel that heavy crap sensation feeling? You know, can you actually feel the heavy weight of the baby? If so, how do you know if you have to take a crap? I mean, wouldn’t the heavy feeling of the baby in your stomach surpass, cover, and disguise the crap feeling and make you not know whether you have to take a crap or if it’s just actually the weight of the baby you’re feeling?
A: The baby does feel like a heaviness in your stomach, but it is a totally different sensation. And any pregnant woman can tell you, that they can deffinantly tell the difference. However, going into labor (I’ve heard…I’ve never went on my own, always induced) can give you that similar feeling because everything is then pushing downward. But that’s a different question! 😉
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