Can you get a tatoo while you are pregnant

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The risk is that you can get hepatitis B or C from a tattoo. Tattoos are not recommended during pregnancy. ChaCha again! [ Source: ]
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You can get a tattoo while you are pregnant, but you run the risk of infecting your baby with Hepatitis if you get it from a dirty needle. It is not recommended.
No! When you get a tattoo, it weakens your immune system. When you’re pregnant, you share your immune system with your baby. Not only that but every time you go and get a tattoo, you’re giving yourself ink poisoning. It’s okay while not pre…
Nope. Not safe to get piercings or tattoos. Even at the safest tattoo parlors there’s a chance of infection, and your body won’t heal the way it would if you’re not pregnant. Most tattoo parlors won’t tattoo pregnant women at all, and more …

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Can I get my ears pierced? Or get a tatoo while pregnant?
Q: Hey everyone, I am 17 weeks pregnant with my first and was just curious to know can i get my ears pierced while pregnant?And can you get any tatoo?Thanks!Im not saying im gonna get a tatoo but i would like to have my ears pierced for the first time.
A: Ear piercing is totally safe–just watch for infection and be sure to keep the piercing clean with alcohol wipes at least 2 times per day.As far as tatoos go, I wouldn’t advise it. You run the risk of contracting Hepatitis C along with other infectious diseases which may not be treatable during pregnancy or which could be passed aong to your baby. Wait until your baby is born if you want to pursue tatoos :)Congrats on the baby!
Can i get a tatoo while being pregnant?
Q: Im 2 1/2 months pregnant. I ask my doctor and she said yes, why not ? But i wanted to ask some one that has done it. Or some one that is a tattoo artist. Thank you!
A: I wouldn’t do it. Whenever you open the skin, you open yourself to the risk of infection. If something does go wrong, antibiotics aren’t always safe for your baby. Talk to your tattoo artist also. If the artist and your dr both agree it’s ok, I think you’re safe. If it were me, I’d just wait until after the pregnancy. 6 months isn’t that long to wait if it’s something you really want.
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