Can you get in a hot tub if you’re pregnant

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Soaking in a hot tub could hurt your baby if you’re in the first trimester of pregnancy. This raises you and your baby’s temp. [ Source: ]
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Can you get in a hot tub when you are pregnant?
Soaking in a hot tub could hurt your baby if you’re in the first trimester of pregnancy. It may cause birth defects.
Why are women hot?
You look at them as sexual things and thats why you think they are.
Should a pregnant woman get in a hot tub?
High temperatures can affect an embryo or fetus. Pregnant women should avoid hot tubs and jacuzzis until after the baby is born. It’s a small sacrifice.

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If you’re on the pill can you get pregnant in say a pool or hot tub?
Q: I know that it would be awkward and all that because water is uncomfortable but obviously there’s things like water based lubricant. I wouldn’t be as stupid as to use no protection at all but obviously condoms would be quite awkward.So would it be the same as being on the pill having sex in a bed?
A: The pill suppresses ovulation, and is over 99% effective when used perfectly, without a need for any backup method. So yes, having sex in a pool or hot tub while on the pill would be no different than having sex in a bed while on the pill.
If you’re pregnant why can’t you take care of a cat’s litter box?
Q: why can’t you:~take care of a cats litter box~sleep on your back~get in a hot tub and take hot baths
A: You’re not supposed to deal with cat feces because of a virus that felines can carry around. Sleeping on your back can put pressure on a main artery that is behind the uterus. It can cause lack of blood flow to you and your baby.Getting overly hot and raising your temperature can harm your baby.
Medically what happens when you stay in a Hot Tub too long?
Q: One of my roommates spent at least 2 hours in a hot tub tonight… he says he got out and in a couple of times but for the most part he was in like an hour and a half at least.He’s bitching about feeling hot and sick to his stomach, which is what I think you get when you do that. He says his doctor opens in 2 hours and he may even go in if he keeps feeling crappy.So my question is… what exactly happens if you’re in a hot tub too long?Assuming you’re not a kid, or an elderly person, or pregnant woman of course. Assuming healthy, young to middle age adult.How bad can it get? What are the signs? What are the USUAL effects? Stuff like that.Anyone know?ROTFLMAO trust me, seeing my doctor would do nothing since I assure you, this is not some veiled reference to me being the victim. I don’t do hottubs, the chlorine makes me itch.Then again, my roommate was in it w/ 3 girls, so he had more motivation then I usually have too!His dilemma just got me thinking though.Thanks Jessica!!!
A: You basically cook your organs when you’re in there. You can get heat exhaustion that will progress to heat stroke. Those are are symptoms of heat stroke. Your friend needs to stay cool (but not too cool), refuel himself with electrolytes (by drinking sports drinks), and keep himself hydrated. This stuff you learn when you’re training to be a lifeguard and you need to dig people out of a hot tub when they’ve been in there for too long…happened to me more than enough times.
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