Can you get pregnant after getting the depo shot

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It is possible to get pregnant while using Depo-Provera. It is 99% effective in preventing pregnancy. There is a 1% chance! ChaCha [ Source: ]
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Can you get pregnant 6 days after getting depo shot??
Yes if it is the first one it takes like 30 days to work. If you get pregnant while taking depo it can be dangerous to the baby so get a pregnancy test to be safe
How Can I Get Pregnant After Getting The Depo Shot?
Actually Depo Provera is a very effective contraceptive. A depo shot is totally effective for three months. However, the problem with Depo is that its effect usually lasts for more than 3 months. Researchers say that it takes at least 8 mo…
Can I get pregnant four days after getting the depo shot??
Yes, you can get pregnant 4 days after getting the depo shot. It takes the body approximately 7 days to adjust and make the depo medication effective. It is true that Depo makes many women stop having periods, but it would be best for you t…

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Chances of getting pregnant after Depo Lupron Shot (for endometriosis)?
Q: I have had Severe Endometriosis for over 2 years. To the point where I am shaking and puking because of the pain… I am 18, turning 19 in not too long. I have went to 3 or 4 doctors, 2 of them which are gynechologists. I talked to my new gynechologist today and she is putting me on Ortho Cyclen to stabalize my hormones so I wont get a period before my surgery. I have a laparoscopy in 4 weeks for the endometriosis. They are planning on putting me on Depo Lupron for 2-3 months afterwards. What are the side effects? And is it possible to get pregnant afterwards? Me, my mom, and my sister have been thinking and talking about it.. and they want me to start right away to have a baby. I have been in a relationship for 3 years, 2 of the 3 I have been living with the guy… he is 23 and will be a police officer in a year!! He’s applying already. I am working 2 jobs, and my boyfriend works 25 hrs a week at $15 while he’s in school. So we could afford a baby… no problem. But my boyfriend wants to wait until august so he will be out of school by the time the baby is born. I don’t mind that.. but it kills me to wait because im infertile. Not only that but I have Bicornuate uterus (also causing my fertility) and I have to be on bedrest my entire pregnancy and I would be considered High Risk. I don’t want to be in that situation when he is about to get out of school bc once he is out we are moving 4 hours away…. I want to get it all done and over with before then. IF I am able to get pregnant. I have already miscarried once… and it hurts to know that I am young and it’s hard to have a baby. How can I get my boyfriend to understand the situation better? Guys have a hard time with it. My mom and sister have been through the doctors appointments for 2 years and we know it is all gonna be tough.. What do you think? I hope the Depo Lupron doesn’t cause me to never have kids or cause MORE of my infertility.Awesome. And yes, the job situation–that is a FOR NOW deal. We will be making more money we are just dealing with things now. I am in the process of going fulltime, just with the dr. appt’s and surgeries it’s hard. The endo. alone is hard. But I think him going to the Dr. with me is a GREAT idea. He’s coming with me to my surgery… so if dr’s say anything, he will be there to know!And yes, I am on medical insurance already… I’m sure WIC would help out alot, if we get approved or whatever. But I am not planning on being on welfare… We make enough as it is… not too many bills for us.
A: I have had severe endometriosis for 9 years, had 2 laparoscopies, and been through 6 months of Lupron. I am 12 weeks pregnant. 🙂 I had all the same concerns you are having now… I will sum it up with the doctors will tell you it’s hard, but it won’t be impossible. Don’t start trying right away to have a baby. You need time to recover from your surgery, and you do not ovulate while on Lupron. It shuts down your entire system and puts you in a menopause-like state. I would wait till at least 6 month after the Lupron to start trying. By the way, 25 hours/week at $15/hour is good money for now, and I’m sure it is keeping you all happy and payin the bills for now.. but it is not going to be enough to pay for a baby. My fiance makes 70k+bonuses/year, and I work 30hrs/week at $23/hour. We are still trying to figure out how we are going to make it happen 🙂 Do you have insurance benefits? Will you apply for WIC? ok enough of that.. Lupron is the most awful thing I was ever put on. Just being honest. It puts you into menopause. The side effects are very much like menopause. Hot flashes, night sweats, mood swings, etc. it is not fun. It sucked big time. Did it help? I have no idea. I was so consumed in dealing with the side effects, that I never paid attn to what my endo was doing. I am 95% sure that it caused me and my ex to break up. I became a monster and was a lot to deal with. As for getting your bf to understand. Take him to the dr with you.. the dr can talk to him, explain all of it to him. You could even offer to step out for a few mins so the dr and your bf can talk privately for a few mins. Good luck, hope this helps at all. :)Feel free to email me if you’d like more info on my Lupron experience. [email protected]
Can you get pregnant after missing the depo shot?
Q: I missed my shot.. I was supposed get my 2nd Depo shot on Dec.22. I had unprotected sex, I know its stupid. I’ve read that it takes awhile for the shot to get out of your system. I only had one shot. Do you think its possible to get pregnant after missing a shot?
A: aaaahh yea i have twins becus of that…
How fast can I get pregnant after missing a Depo shot?
Q: I haven’t had a depo shot since August 07 and recently had sex after my period. I have heard that after your period is the easiest time to get pregnant. But I thought your depo had to be out of your system for one year for you to get pregnant. But I have been feeling a little weird and didn’t know if I was paranoid or not.
A: I am 7 weeks pregnant and it was planned. I was on the depo-provera shot and it took me 7 months after getting off of it to conceive. According to the facts about the depro-provera shot, it can take up to 1 year to get pregnant after your last shot but, everybodies body is different. If you are not a fast breeder like myself, then you should be fine. Hope I was of some help. Good Luck!!!!
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