Can you get pregnant after taking birth control for 2 weeks

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It is possible to get pregnant as it can take about a month for the pills to go into effect. If you are taking pills that is. [ Source: ]
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Can you get pregnant after taking birth control for two weeks and…?
It depends if the time period of which this happened is around your period. If it is not there is a possibility you could be but a very low chance.

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can a pregnancy test tell you if your pregnant after just 2 weeks of unprotected sex?
Q: when you are on birth control , once you finish the pack you wait 7 days so you can get your period right, ok well i finished the pack of birth control and i was on my 3 day of not taking a pill because i was waiting for my period. My husband and i had sex and we had a “accident” . the next day i get my period and it cuts off by the next day. Can i take a pregnancy test just after 2 weeks of our “accident” and will it actaully come up positive if i am pregant or would it be too soon to even take a test? what about a blood test?
A: If your period came the next day then you probably are not pregnant. That means you were not ovulating. You can take a test but I doubt you will need it
Can I Be Pregnant From Birth Control?
Q: Your suppose to take birth control pills when you get your period or the Sunday after you get it. But when i went to the doctor she told me i could take them on a Wednesday and did. For 2 weeks like she said to activate it. So then i took it for 2 weeks using a condom. Then after the 2 weeks me and my bf didn’t use any and he ejaculated in me yesterday and the day before. Could i have gotten pregnant help!! =[[And i smoked while on it =[[. So i don’t know =[
A: My mom, aunt, and sister got pregnant off birth control but if you read it the pill is 99.9% effective there is always a possibility you can me but most likely not i think your just worrying your self to much go get the morning after pill if you are you wont be after you take it….but it made me very sick and ache…..good luck and hang in there numbers are on your side
Can I get pregnant while on my period, even if I am using birth control pills?
Q: Hi I’m freaking out here. My bf ejaculated in me while I am on my period. It is my 8th day of being on it and I have been taking birth control pills for 3 full weeks now. I was told that it is very easy to get pregnant while on your period. I’ve been trying to do research online but couldn’t find any clear answers so I was hoping you all could help me out. As an emergency of being so unsure, I took the morning after pill 2 hours after intercourse/ejaculation. Is it possible that I am gonna get pregnant? What are my chances? Help please.
A: yes it’s possible, but if you took the morning after pill you should be ok! Just be more careful. condoms are a good extra protection
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