Can you get pregnant at the age of 10

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Once a female starts having her period, she can become pregnant. History’s youngest mother gave birth at age 5 years, 8 months. [ Source: ]
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Can you get pregnant at the age of 10?
Possibly not. If you have reached puberty before the age of 10 then yes. But till then, NO
Can a girl at the age of 10 get pregnant?
As soon as a girl gets her period, she can become pregnant. That’s the entire point of it – a girl becomes a women by getting her period and this tells her that her body thinks she is now old enough to concieve.
Can you get pregnant when you have had sex when your were under t…?
if you have your period or have been close to getting it then yes you can. why the hell do you want to know?

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Baby at the age of 35?
Q: I have been with my boyfriend for a year. He’s 25 and has one child never been married and I’m 35 with two children from a 10 year marrage. When I turned 35 I said no more kids for me. But after all the care we took in trying to prevent there was a slip and I got pregnant. After 10 weeks though I lost the baby. Now my kids were looking forward to the baby, same as the father and I but I guess the timing was off. Now as I heal from the miscarrage my boyfriend and my kids are saying things like: Next time we will wait to tell the family in case, next time you should get more sleep, mom next time we’ll help out alittle more. Should there be a next time? I was worried that something like this would happen because of my age. Twins, my health, the health of the baby I couldn’t stop thinking. I did everything right this last time but what about next time? My kids are 13 and 11 and I had a normal pragnency with them. Can I have that again at 35?
A: I wouldn’t worry, you see people now in their late 30’s and 40’s having babies, I know you have to be a little more careful durning the pregnancy but, I don’t see why you shouldn’t be able to. My neighbor is 43 with an 18 mnth old and an other baby due next month! But, if you want to have a baby, eat right and take it easy. you should be a high risk due to your age and the fact that you recently miscarried. Hope all works out for you, and I wish you the best. Take careok I don’t know why I’m getting thumbs down for my comment. I wasn’t rude. anything is possable now a days. age doesn’t define reather or not you can have a baby, as I said my neighbor is 43 and is having her second (past 40) And anyone one that is a little older with history of miscarrage is considered a high risk, hell I’m 28 and am high risk. I am not pretenting to play doctor here, just saying what i know from exprerance and what I know. I am not saying if there should be a next time it will all be perfect or that it won’t be, give hope and support is all I’m saying. As I said before, I wish you only the best.
My friend is Pregnant at age 14!?
Q: One of my friends is still trying to get over her boyfriend. they’ve been together 10 months and their 12(1year) month is approaching quickly. everyday He tells the girl he loves her , but flirts with girls right in front of her face.The broke up not to long ago almost a month, and the girl just found out she was pregnant.The girl just move here last year like myself and suddenly/instantly starting talking to this guy and they hooked up. HELP! I need to help her get over this for my own sake please! if you have any advice please answer as much as you can!She says it’s not that easy but I don’t think she’s trying hard enough.
A: Bottom line, if she is pregnant and 14, she needs to tell her parents and get medical attention. She needs to forget about some stupid anniversary, and starting thinking about what matters – TAKING CARE OF HER UNBORN BABY.Time to act like grown-ups and look at the big picture of things. Worrying about getting over the guy is that last thing she needs to be worrying about right now. Be a good friend, and make sure she is getting help for her and her babies sake.
Can I be a single mother at the age of 19?
Q: I’m 10+ weeks pregnant and unfortunately the father is just not ready for a child. He’s 22 and I’m 19 years old. I have a good head on my shoulders and my family backs me up, but I want to be a doctor and still have years of schooling left. He and I were never really an item, this is simply a “vacation gift” if you will. He was my best friend at the time and we went with other friends to Miami for my birthday. Miami heat, a hot dress, and a few drinks later I end up coming home with the worst nausea and no period. He didn’t believe me at first but he knew I had never lied to him in our lives and plus my weight gain was significant. He thinks he won’t make a good father and when i considered an abortion he seemed relieved. Especially since he got a new girlfriend since the trip. He won’t even tell her what’s going on.I’m scared because I have an abortion lined up for this friday, I have not heard from him so I see that he doesn’t care, and I’m having second thoughts about getting rid of my little peanut. I have always personally been against abortion, but feel it’s a woman’s right. I don’t know if I can go through with it now…. Is there any way that I can raise my baby on my own and not have to suffer this friday…. or is this too much for me to handle at my age and alone???????????Advice is greatly appreciated….Thank you all for your thoughts and opinions. I find great comfort in them and feel like I can take more control over my situation.
A: I don’t know if I can bare my soul to you here. I’ve kept this inside for 30 years. I was your age, married with 2 babies already. My husband was a bum, I wasn’t smart enough to know I couldn’t fix him.We split up and had make up sex and I got preg. He told me I had to have an abortion or he would leave me for good. Leave me with two kids, no support and tell every one the new one wasn’t his. Like I said he was a prince of a man. Then I was young, scared, abused and unable to stand up to him. I had the abortion. I treated it like there was never a baby. Never thought of it as one. After ward was a another story. i knew then that if for no other reason my kids and I would not stay with a man who was so callous toward his own child, his wife, his family. The month the baby would have been born I found the strength to end my marriage. I lost that baby but that baby saved me and my kids from years of abuse that would have come.I haven’t told this story to a dozen people ever, so great is my shame, but if it will help you I’ll tell the world. My kids were 2 and 3 and I stayed 1500 miles from my family so that I would never go back to that man. It was hard I won’t lie. I can’t tell you what to do, you have so much planned for your life and a baby will change things A LOT. If you decide to terminate the pregnancy do it b/c its whats best for you not so a-hole sperm donor.I am like you, anti abortion but pro choice for others. You have to make sure that the pain or guilt is not more than you can bear if you terminate. You also have to know that if you keep the baby your life will never be the same. Your plans will have to change to “can we” instead of “can I”. Just inform your self and make the right choice for you. If you need t talk add a note and I’ll give you my email address.Good luck, peace to your heart.
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