Can you get pregnant at the age or 5 to 10

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Yes. As long as you have started your period, then you can get pregnant. Actually a 5 year old in Peru once got pregnant! [ Source: ]
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Can you get pregnant at the age or 5 to 10
Yes. As long as you have started your period, then you can get pregnant. Actually a 5 year old in Peru once got pregnant!

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OB/GYN advice, Want to get pregnant at 39, would like twins…?
Q: Hello, I want to give you a little medical background and would like professional/experience input.I am 39. My Husband is 42. He has 3 children (8,10,12) from a prior marriage and one of them live with us. I have 1 child (8) from a prior marriage. We have been together for a year and 1/2. These are the medical items which have led up to this question:- I was pregnant at age 22 and had an abortion.- At age 25 I went through fertility treatment and donated eggs to a family. I was advised that this led to their pregnancy. I have no contact. – Round Two, 11 months later: At age 26 I went through fertility treatment and donated eggs to a family. I was not advised as to whether this was successful or not. – I was pregnant at age 29 and had my son via c-section at 42 weeks. – I got pregnant at age 35 while I was in the first 6 months of having an IUD inside and had a miscarriage when I didn’t know I was pregnant. Had Leuteal cyst complications for a good 8 months after that. A lot of pain. – Got pregnant at age 37, had an abortion.- Age 38 had breast reduction surgery. DD to C. Great thing. – Couple months later had very severe anemia during recovery. Went on Iron treatment. Now normal. (For the abortions: believe me when I say these were difficult, heartbreaking decisions. I did not have my husband then. When these happened I couldn’t have been in a more non-supportive environment. We are very stable. We have excellent financial stability, as well as emotional and are very ready for this.)For my husband, he had a vasectomy in May of 2008, because we thought all 4 of our children were going to live with us. This is not the case — we only have 2. We found that we really would like our own child(ren). Two weeks ago, my husband had his vasectomy reversed, and all looks good. We are planning on starting to plan conception for the next 1-3 months. We would love to have one child, dearly be thrilled to have twins. I would like to have the childbirth naturally and avoid a c-section. My periods are spot-on, every 28 days. My period started today. My periods are heavy for about 5 days. Clot-like. No cramping, but fatigue. I take Iron during my periods. I also take pre-natal vitamins. If we are having a single pregnancy, I would like to have the child naturally, preferably without too much hospital work. We would like a Doula and a midwife. I would like to know if you see anything you can recommend for our goal with what is written here. Thank you for your input!
A: If you are looking to choose to have twins, the only real way you can predict this outcome is through a combination of fertility drugs like Clomid and in-vitro fertilization. This is very costly and is never a sure thing. If your periods are very regular it is usually very easy to predict your ovulation. You should monitor your cervical mucus, basal body temperature first thing in the morning taken vaginally for optimal results, and also your cervical position. Nurse midwifes and doulas are pretty easy to find, just call your local clinic and ask for a list. You can often get a doula for free, as even after they are done with training they are required to assist in 3 births before becoming independently certified. You may want to consider having chromosomal testing done, as every five years after 25 your chances of having a baby with neural tube disorders and Down’s Syndrome are increased. It seems like you must still be able to get pregnant even after having had eggs harvested at least twice, but you still may want to consider in vitro as an option if you can afford it, as harvesting reduces the number of eggs that you have by about 5,000 per harvest. About the birth, you will be very hard pressed to find a doctor that will do a VBAC (vaginal birth after c-section), but if you do I would say there is virtually no way they would allow a twin VBAC. Hope this helps.
I’m going into labor should I let sister’s boyfriend stay at my house?
Q: I’m 31yrs old & currently 35 wks pregnant with my 2nd child (a girl), DD 12/12/09. I DON’T have anyone to babysit my 7yr old son when I go in. One of my sisters whose currently 5 mos pregnant is moving back up here w her baby’s dad from Atlanta. I NEVER met this guy or know nothin bout him but SHOULD I LET HIM STAY @ MY HOUSE WITH HER FOR THOSE 2 DAYS JUST SO SHE CAN BABYSIT MY SON??? I won’t be focused or comfortable at all while @ the hospital knowin (like Tamia sings) there’s a stranger in my house!!! What if she leaves him there with him? I need trustworthy a** people whose gonna properly take care of & watch over him. I personally don’t want the guy at my home for safety reasons of my son & bc I don’t know him. Surely you have to be careful with your kids around any/ everyone; even their own relatives. I prefer just her but when I asked her she said, “Not if he (my bf) can’t be there (at your house) too with me. If he can’t then no, I’m not leaving him at no one else’s house by himself.” (They’re 20/ 21yrs old). I don’t have anybody else or no choice. My son’s grndprnts live here too but they NEVER call, visit etc my son or help out; she always say she/ her husband have to work. His deadbeat dad lives in Illinois w his other 5 kids; my son is the oldest. I’M TIRED OF BOTHERING THEM!! There’s 6 of us that lives here: 2 sisters I’m currently NOT speaking or DO NOT want in my D.RM (one is pregnant w her 3rd kid, works & mistreats my son). The other one (has a 3 yr old, works & her bd/I don’t get along). A brother already said “HELL NO!!”, another brother works & goes to school, the other brother is in the army & the other brother whose married has 3 kids already (ages 10, 2 1/2 and 11 mo. old). His wife does EVERYTHING!! While I was just there visiting last weekend I watched him sit there playing his guitar, watching a ball game, on the computer & holding conversations with other men around him while his 11 month old sat crying. See I CANNOT put that extra 2 day load on her she already has her hands full!! He told me that he don’t watch my son his wife does. SMH!! Everyone else lives out of town: (parents, 2 brothers & 2 sisters in TN and 2 older sisters in TX). I’m trying to get everything ready right now before it’s time I DON’T KNOW WHAT ELSE TO DO! I just feel like screaming while pulling my hair out!! It’s so f****king hard! Then I’m having problems with my daughter’s father (he’s not talking to me). This is some bullsh*t!!!!!!! NOW THE F**KIN HOSPITAL WON’T LET MY SON VISIT ME/ HIS NEWBORN SISTER BC OF THE FLU SHIT THAT’S GOING AROUND!! I HAVE TO FIND A NEW HOSPITAL REAL FAST. MO PROBLEMS, MO SH*T!! I’M IN TEARS I NEED HELP BC ALL THIS STRESS IS TEARING ME UP, SOMEBODY PLEASE GET ME SOME SUGGESTIONS!! ***WARNING: DO NOT COME WITH NO BULLSHYT BC IF U DO YOU WILL BE HEARIN FROM ME ONE WAY OR ANOTHER!! Thanks to the rest of ya’ll.
A: Well, let’s think about your Sister…1. IS SHE MATURE and Reliable/Responsible enough?2. Would she just go off and do things leaving your Son ‘alone’ with him?I would also feel this Guy is soon going to be a Father to ‘their’ child……..getting in some ‘early’ practice couldn’t hurt.I know their baby will be an Infant but, just the idea of being with and taking of your 7yo. Son is good enough feeling/proof he will be a good Dad.Unfortunately it seems you REALLY don’t have a choice…………..
Am I being too pushy to get pregnant at 17?
Q: Im 17 years old and I am very mature for my age. I have wanted a child of my own ever since i was about 15. Yes, I know what some of you out there are saying…OMFG SHE IS WAY TO YOUNG TO THINK ABOUT THIS! GET HELP! well i dont care! I have basically been a mother since i was 2. I took care of my sister as if she were my own and once my mother had another child i also took care of her. When I was 7 my mother moved out and left me and my dad alone. Then things were normal for a few years until i turned 10. At ten, my dad got remarried and had another kid. I have been taking care of my sister since she was born! She is now 6 years old. She always tells me that im her mother and that her own mother and her other sister (who is the same age as me) can go to the dump and rot. Me and my boyfriend (more recently known as my fiancee) have been having sex for a long time now…about 7 months. (we have been together for over a year). Me and him have already made plans to live together and everything once i turn 18. I also am going to go to college and get a degree in political science ( wanna become a lawyer). But, I have this wonderful idea in my head of having a baby. I know I might have to push my plan back a year or two, until we get into a routen, but I also have that all figured out! I go to school, then work, then come home and take care of the baby and he goes to work. and on weekends he can work days and afternoons (like 9-5) come home and i can go to class….i have it all figured out, theres just one problem…He wants to wait until im out of college to have kids. He is more than willing to get married before college but kids have to wait. He is also fine with the accidental pregnancys that are unplanned and everything, but he doesn’t want me to plan on having one before I go through college. Its sad and depressing because I want a child of my own to take care of, and i know i can! I have a great maternal instinct. But the real question is, is he right or am i?Am I being too pushy about trying to get pregnant at 17? All help is welcome! thanks.
A: Oh my, you need to wait! He’s right! Do you have a job? Do you know how much a child cost? What about a car, insurance, rent or mortgage payments, medicine if you or the baby falls ill, a college fund for the baby, etc. The list just goes on! I can tell just by how horrid your grammar is that you’re not ready for a child! Grow up and mature a little. You’ve only been dating this guy for a year… at least get married first! Geez yes please bring more children out of wedlock into this world… ha!
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