Can you get pregnant from the liquid before the sperm

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Yes, a woman can, though the chances are low. Thanks for using ChaCha! [ Source: ]
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Can yuu get pregnant from that liquid that comes out before sperm…?
There is pre-ejaculation which is semen that comes out before the climax/final ejaculation and yes you can get pregnant from it because it contains sperm. This is why pulling out is not an effective contraceptive. Use a condom every single …

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im pretty sure im pregnant but one last question before i go to de doctor?
Q: i had a few questions…1.) since precum is a clear liquid (it doesnt have semen to protect it and sustain its life) do sperm in precum die faster than in cum? and would it be harder (yet possible) to get pregnant by precum than cum?2.) could u approximate maybe the percent of pregnancies that occur without penetration/intercourse? (not even cumming near/outside the vagina, just fingering with contaminated fingers)…3.) weird, question, but does it take precum a less amount of time to dry then semen? is sperm dry when the liquid it is in is dry?4) can you transfer sperm from hand to hand if you cant see any semen in your hands, and then if the other person fingered you with the hand that you toch but he never touch himself can you be pregnant?5) on average, after how many weeks of conception would the onset of symptoms come? and does the date of conception always have to be in the middle of ur cycle (ovulation)?
A: one last question?? this is like 20 questions. go read a book!
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