Can you get pregnant from your cat

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No, you can’t get pregnant from a cat, or any other animal for that matter. Have another question? Just ask! We’re here 24/7. [ Source: ]
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How big do cats stomach get when the are pregnant?
There’s no definite size,but your cat will only be fat in the stomach region.Check your cat gently for small lumps in the stomach.
How old does a cat have to be to get pregnant?
A cat usually has to be at least five months old before it can get pregnant. Once it starts its heat cycle, it is fertile. Many local animal shelters offer vouchers to help pet owners with the cost of having cats spayed or neutered.
When can a cat get pregnant?
Once a month a female cats just like every female mammal ovulate. In cats this is called being in heat. At this time a cat can get pregnant, if of course a male cat happens to be near by and takes her out to dinner and maybe buys her a few …

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How can you tell if your cat is pregnant?
Q: My family recently got a 2 year old cat from friends of ours who live on a farm. They never got her fixed and think that she may be pregnant because she seemed to be getting bigger and eating more. We’re keeping her either way because shes a really nice cat and we will eventually get her fixed and probably de-clawed, but are there anyways to tell if she is pregnat without having to waist money to take her to a vet first? I also wondered how long cats are pregnant for before they give birth.
A: Check to see if her nipples are larger. Around day 21, a pregnant female’s nipples will often turn bright pink. If they are, she is pregnant. If not, wait another week, and check again. Some may not turn bright pink or become enlarged, but most will. Very gently run your hand over the surface of her tummy to see if you feel a sort of swelling and small lumps the size of walnuts. DO NOT feel or prod the lumps. When a cat becomes pregnant, her demeanor may change. Pregnant cats become very affectionate, and not all teeth and claws. Stand back and look at your cat’s overall shape. From the side, pregnant cats frequently look a little swayback with a slightly distended tummy. From the top looking down at the cat, a pregnant cat’s tummy is frequently distended slightly more than halfway from the neck to the tail. This look has been compared to the posture of a burro. If your cat’s profile has changed from normal to burro, she might be pregnant. #To distinguish pregnant from fat: fat cats are fat all over, including the neck, the legs. etc. Pregnant cats are not. However, keep in mind that fat cats can be pregnant too! When a pregnant cat gets close to delivering her kittens, she may start nesting — arranging blankets, towels, straw, whatever, into a secure place to have her babies. I helped
How do you keep your indoor/outdoor cat from having her babies outside?
Q: I have never had a cat before, and mine is two years old. She got pregnant about a month ago I am pretty sure, because she is getting really fat. Shes an outside cat, who sleeps in the house, but when she wants outside you can’t stop her. So I am scared she will have her babies away from my house outside. Please help, or give advice or something. Thanks!And please, really, I know I should have got her spayed. Duh, ok? She is 3 years old, and I thought I would just be reallly careful with her in her heat, like I have been over the LAST 3 YEARS. And for all those people who want to scold me about killing kittens, just want to let you know that I am not doing that. I already have 10 people that want a kitty, so seriously, spare me. Thanks
A: I suggest you take her to a vet right away. She may have feline leukemia, which causes female cats to get a pot-belly. Make certain she’s pregnant. Then, I suggest you find her and put her in a room before you open the door, period. Put a sign on your front door advising guests to be patient for you to come to the door. Keep her inside and she’ll have her kittens inside.
Would you get rid of your cat if you got pregnant?
Q: Maybe I should ask this in the trying to conceive section…I just keep hearing ppl say they got rid of their cat etc. I mean I know the risk that can come from cleaning up the litter. But I just think it is disgusting to get rid of the cat after you have been taking care of it!
A: There is a misconception left over from times of witch-trials that cats are bad. It used to be the common thought that cats stole the souls or “breath” from babies. Today, we know that’s not true. The new concern is toxoplasmosis from the used cat litter. This is a parasite that causes flu like symptoms that if left untreated can damage internal organs and cause brain damage. A person with a healthy immune system can suppress any infection caused by the parasite, but a pregnant woman has a weakened immune system, so the risk of active infection is increased. Is there concern when being pregnant and owning a cat? Yes. It it automatic cause to dump your cat at the nearest shelter yesterday? No. With proper precaution, there is no reason to fear a cat during pregnancy. Cats are clean enough so that they don’t actively pass along this parasite through handling. Simply have your partner take over litter box duty. Or wear gloves while cleaning the cat box and scrub up well afterwards. This parasite needs to be INGESTED in order to get in your system, so good hygeinic practices are really all you need to protect yourself. The other concern is how the pet or cat will handle the arrival of a new human. With proper preperation, animals adjust well. But if they know you aren’t comfortable with them and a baby, they’ll pick up on it, sighting the baby as a bad thing that has caused this fear in you. I don’t have a lot of respect for people who make a commitment to a pet before baby, but after baby, decide their commitment is over. This isn’t about whether animals are good or bad but whether the new mom has stregnth of character and committment. I personally loved having cats and being pregnant. My son, now 6, belongs to “his” cats. He’s learned empathy, compassion, and what a responsibility it is to take care of another living thing. I never had any issues with my cats and my baby. It’s been an outright wonderful experience.
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