Can you get pregnant if you eat sperm

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A mouth doesn’t directly lead to the reproductive system so it’s impossible to get pregnant from eating sperm. STDs are possible. [ Source: ]
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Can you get pregnant if you eat his sperm?
No you can´t get pregnant, because your stomach has no connection to your uterus lol.
Can you get pregnant if a female eat sperm?
NO, the sperm needs to get inside of the vagina to get pregnant not down the throat.
When girls eat boy’s sperm will they get pregnant??
No. It has no way of getting to the Uterus through the mouth.

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Can you get pregnant from giving a guy a blow job?
Q: Will someone please help me explain to me ignorant friend that this is not possible because(please correct me if I’m wrong): • sperm can only live out side the body for so long• the sperm has to get to the egg and fertilize it to be pregnant • By eating some thing there is no way for it to get any where’s near the uterus • therefor this no how possible.
A: You’re correct, you can’t get pregnant from giving or receiving oral sex. You can get a sexually transmitted disease, so be careful!
if u go thru the motions of sex but all the clothes r on or @ least just the underwear can the girl get pregna
Q: also 2 get the girl pregnant does the sperm have 2 be in the girl what if its just on top of the vagina??can a girl get pregnant if you eat her out??
A: no,it can get in,and no.
THE truth about FOLIC ACID! every mom TTC should know!?
Q: I Got this from a website I never knew the importance of folic acid as i was ttc and i came across this thread and would just like to copy paste here. And i just want to share it here for every woman ttc please CONSUME FOLIC ACID as it’s really important, just read: You have a very simple choice, but there simply isnt enough information out there to make you aware of it. Most woman wont eat blue cheese when pregnant, wont eat certain fish…drink, smoke because there is a risk to an unborn child… You can’t move without the UK government ramming these warnings at you. BUT there is a bigger risk that can nearly always be prevented by a little vitimin.The sciencey bitFolic Acid is necessary for the production and maintenance of new cells. It is especially important during periods of rapid cell division and growth such as pregnancy.Taking folic acid prior to pregnancy helps protect against a number of congenital malformations including neural tube defects (NTDs). NTDs result in malformations of the spine (spina bifida), skull, and brain (anencephaly). The risk of NTD is significantly reduced (95%) when folic acid is taken in addition to a healthy diet prior to and during the first month of pregnancy.The protective effect of folic acid during pregnancy goes beyond NTDs. Taking folic acid has been shown to reduce the risk of congenital heart defects, cleft palate, limb defects, and urinary tract anomalies. Taking 5mg micrograms of folic acid daily (this is over ten times the dose in prenatal vitimins!!).Recent research has shown that it is also very important for men who are planning on fathering children, reducing chromosomal defects in their sperm.What is a NTD?During the first month of pregnancy the neural tube (the nerves inside the spine) form, and then the spine forms around it like a zipn from head to toe. Spina bifida is when the spine traps some of these nerves (a bit like when your zip gets stuck). The damage caused depends on the level of the trapped nerves. It can be anything from vital organs, to limbs to organ function. The majority of cases involving major organs do not make it to birth.Those that do not miscarry tend to have varying levels of paralysis in the lower body and loss of control of bowels and bladder. There is a list as long as my arm of associated conditions which tend to go hand in hand, but most notably is hydrocephalus involving the inability to drain fluid from the brain which can never be cured, but is treatable – there will always be a major health risk and involve numerous brain surgeries throughout the person’s life.There is no cure and only luck dictates how your child will be effected.My child is a lucky one. He may walk with the help of calipers, may face periods of wheelchair use in his life. He will never be able to urinate himself without major surgery which hasnt been invented yet. He will never be able to have a natural bowel movement and may never experience sensation in penis. Everytime he raises a temperature or gets a headache, he may only have 4 hours to live if he doesnt get brain surgery. And every surgery carries risk of infection or death.Other children will never move any part of their bodies lower than their bra lines, have a bend in their spine that can be up to 90 degrees. Have brain surgery over and over and over and over in their first years of life and repeatedly for the duration of life. The list is endless….A staggering 95% of all cases of Spina Bifida would not have happened if the mother has taken 5mg of folic acid prior and during the first month of pregnancy… This can only be obtained from your doctor. The usual prenatal vitimin dose is only enough if you have a very good diet and do not have a genetic condition which prevents you from absorbing it (1 in 10 woman!!!)Is it Worth it??? It is just a little pill with no known side [email protected]: By taking folic acid the risk of NTD lower to 75%, I’m so sorry for your daughter though.. I haven’t really consume folic acid when i was ttc and didn’t have alot of info on it, if i know how important it is i would’ve consume it religiously.I just hope more and more people will know. So that there will be LESSER innocent babies suffer NTD again..:)@ not a sweetie : Yes that’s what i heard to that’s why i post this ‘question/info’ in the Trying to Conceive category, not pregnancy. “The study published this week suggesting a link between folic acid in pregnancy and subsequent increased risk of childhood asthma is not a randomised trial. It relied on a postal questionnaire with a 76% response rate. The increased risk, if there is any, is only just statistically significant. Asthma is treatable whereas spina bifida is a serious and lifelong condition.”
A: Thanks for that! With my first four pregnancies I didn’t know the importance of Folic acid and thought I ate enough food high in it so didn’t take it as a supplement. – Each of those pregnancies ended in miscarriage.Then I read a story in a magazine about a woman who had 14 miscarriages, then started taking folic acid and went on to have two healthy pregnancies. After reading that I thought I’d start taking it and see if it made a difference, sure enough I had a healthy pregnancy and now have a beautiful, healthy 6 month baby girl.x
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