Can you get pregnant if you have ovarian cysts

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The common ovarian cyst is not linked to infertility. Although, polycystic ovarian syndrome can be. Love, ChaCha [ Source: ]
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It is possible to get pregnant with ovarian cysts, though it may be difficult. To make it easier, see a fertility specialist so that you can be monitored and possibly put on something to make things a bit easier.
You have two ovaries, the one without a cyst should work fine.
Typically, ovarian cysts are functional (not disease related) and disappear on their own. During the days preceding ovulation, a follicle grows. At the time of expected ovulation, the follicle fails to rupture and release an egg. Instead of…

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can i get pregnant if i get ovarian cysts?
Q: I just wanted to know if anyone has gotten pregnant with ovarian cysts i sometimes get them and they rupture, and yes i have seen 3 doctors i didnt ask them i wasnt thinking about it when i saw them, and i am just curious so please just people who know the actual answer if you dont please dont respond thanks!!!
A: Yes, cysts are normal, and sometimes they go away on their own usually within a cycle or a few cycles. it is very possible
Can you still get pregnant while having ovarian cysts?
Q: I think I am ovulating right now but can’t tell if it’s just the pain from loosing the egg or I have another cyst right now. If I do have a cyst can I still get pregnant with it? Or do you think I am just ovulating and the painis normal while the egg is being released?I have been looked at and they don’t show damage. I have been trying for two years and still am not pg… could this be the cause too?
A: Yes most certainly you can get pregnant while having cysts. It is very normal to have pain, sometimes severe, while ovulating when you have a cyst. Of course pain (especially severe) could also signal that a cyst is rupturing. So if it is in fact severe you might be inclined to contact your doctor.Good luck and God Bless
pregnant or ovarian cysts?
Q: my last period was on 6/24. i had sex on the 7/14. (unprotected/pull-out method). i’ve had a history of cysts on my left lower side. & now it’s started again. it’s very painful. asprin won’t help. it hurts when i walk long periods of time. my pain started yesterday or the day before. (& i’m afraid of pregnancy. i do not want a child.) opinions would be nice. i’ve searched all over the internet for symptoms. & i can’t get it narrowed down. i’m hoping this may help, if anyone has had similar problems.thank you.the last time i had a cyst my mother thought it could be ectopic preg. but it was only a cyst… so i’m not sure.i don’t need a lecture about condoms. thank you. just answer the question.
A: Uh yeah you need to go to the doctor. It could be an eptopic pregnancy which can kill both the fetus and mother if not fixed. It is when a baby starts developing in your fallopian tubes. And with your history of cysts, it probably could make you more suseptable to such a pregnancy. I would see your doctor immidietly.
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