Can you get pregnant if your on birth control and use a condom

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No birth control is 100% infallible. Your chances are very low for pregnancy, but it is still remotely possible. ChaCha on! [ Source: ]
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Could you get pregnant if you use a condom but do not take birth …?’t+take+birth+control+pills
Using Condom Without Taking Birth Control By using a condom you greatly reduce your chances of getting pregnant. Be sure to follow directions and always remember to play it safe. In fact, it is slim, but possible, as long as the condom is i…
Can you get pregnant if you use birth control pills and use a con…?
it’s rare, but sure, there’s always a “risk” involved
Is it possible to get pregnant when you use birth control AND a c…?
It is VERY unlikely, but yes, there is a chance! Nothing is 100%. Condoms can break, or have a hole. The effectiveness of pills can be altered by human error such as taking antibiotics, not taking them exactly 24 hours apart, missing a pill…

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if your using birth control can you get pregnant?
Q: im on birth control and didn’t use a condom can i get pregnant if he didn’t pull out?
A: Yes I have had at least 3 people I know be on birth control and become pregnant. One of them actually had 2 kids being on the pill and took it every night at the same time. They are not 100%. the chances are lower of becoming pregnant but there is a chance. Good luck!!
Im on birth control, and i might be pregnant…?
Q: I was put on Seasonque, the birth control that you only have 4 periods a year. I was JUST put on it 2 months ago, I have had break through bleeding, but that is regular. I messed around with a guy about 2 weeks ago, he was concerned that I could get pregnant since he didnt have a condom. I have been continuing to take the birth control, I looked at pregnancy tests, but all of them say use after your first missed period, how can I tell if I have a missed period, when I dont have them at all?I dont want to mess up the baby by continuing to take the birth control, but i can not afford not to take it either. Is there any way I can tell if I am pregnant EARLY on?
A: Studies have shown that women who continue to take birth control in early pregnancy do no harm to their babies. I don’t have the reference to the article, but a while back I thought I was pregnant, and am on birth control, and everything I read said that accidentally continuing the pills because you don’t know you’re pregnant won’t mess up your kid.Google “birth control pregnancy” for more info.Try going to Planned Parenthood and having a free pregnancy test done. Or ask your doctor to perform one for peace of mind.
Why don’t people who don’t want to get pregnant use a back-up Birth Control?
Q: In this day and age there’s no excuse for having an unecessary pregnancy… There’s so many method’s of BC it’s ridiculous.. I’m tired of ppl. “Oh my bf pulled out could I be pregnant..?” Or “we didn’t use a condom, could I be pregnant?” just because you are on the pill doesn’t mean that you can’t get pregnant, especially if you aren’t taking it properly if you are confused about your choice of BC you should be using a back-up birth control method (condom,VCF,Spermicide etc…) Also, if you have more than one sexual partner you also should be concerned with STD’s that the “pill” doesn’t protect against.. He should be wearing a condom and if he won’t because they are “uncomfortable” so is peeing fire and an STD… Please ppl. be more responsible with yourselves….* I’ll take the risks associated with condom useage vs. having an unwanted preg…. but thanks for the info…. It’s not like I’m having sex 100,000,000 a day…* Someone asked “Why should I care” I do care and so should everyone that works, who do you think pays into the welfare system.. DUH….!!!!
A: Because people think, “It won’t happen to me.” Not just regarding sex. They think this regarding motor vehicle accidents, smoking, drug use, whatever! Because it hasn’t happened to them yet, it won’t happen at all, right? Because they’ve been lucky so far. Or they’ll worry about it later if it does happen.
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