Can you get pregnant on any given day

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Yes you can get pregnant at any time, but its less likely on a woman’s period. Thanks for using ChaCha! [ Source: ]
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Can i get pregnant if im breastfeeding and giving two bottles a d…?
Women certainly can become pregnant while still breastfeeding. Some cannot. But for an individual to rely on it as a contraceptive is foolhardy: you, as an individual, have no idea whether or not you are one of those women. Breastfeeding is…
Can u get pregnant 2 days after giving birth??
I got pregnant 3 days after I had my daughter. My midwife said you could have sex when you felt up to it and since I had her naturally I stopped bleeding within 2 days and I felt fine. Be careful because your cervix is still really wide and…
Is it possible to get pregnant straight after giving birth if i h…?
You can get pregnant very easily after child birth. But if you had sex two days prior to the child birth than no. Having sex close to the due date will only encourage labor. The semen will be dead and flushed out by the act of child birht e…

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Intercourse on most fertile day and 6 day late period! PREGNANT? HELP?
Q: Ok so me and my fiance made love on my most fertile day as well as a couple days before my most fertile day which was december 23rd and we used no form of contraception and he did ejaculate inside me. My period was due January 6th and i am now 5 days late almost 6. I’ve had no cramping pains or signs of my period to start. I feel more tired than usual, my appetite has increased a little and i feel more bloated and moody than usual. I am not not nauseated and my breasts aren’t sore.Could i be pregnant or am i just almost a week late for my period. Last time i had a period this late i was pregnant with our son, so this is why i just don’t know. I have a feeling i can be pregnant but i haven’t taken a HPT yet because i’m afraid it might be to early to detect it. So What do you all think. I have not had any illnesses, i’m not overweight or underweight, i do not have a eating disorder and i’m stressed the same every month, so i can’t think of anything else to cause a late period. I always get my periods when my ovulation calendar says i should give or take a day or so. So Pregnant or late period?Yes we are trying to conceive which is why it is in this section, and i know i put we aren’t using any contraception just so everyone can know as much as they need to help me out, and yes my cycle’s are strange but i update my web md ovulation calendar every month and either way i consider not starting on the 6th already a day late, so for me today is day 5 being late
A: if you are late. you can test an HPT can detect even before you miss the my vote is pregnant but the only way you can be 100% is to test
How do I avoid getting pregnant without using the pill or hormonal contraceptives?
Q: Hi,I gave birth on March 14, 2009. I am wondering if there is a natural way to avoid getting pregnant when your period hasn’t returned. I am totally new at this and haven’t found any information on the net. I have heard something about counting a certain number of days from the day you gave birth and not making love on those days. Can anyone help me???!
A: Well your period is not going to be normal for a bit after having a baby. Mine was like clockwork until I had my oldest son and now I can go anywhere from 27 to 35 days in between periods. The method you are talking about is called NFP or Natural Family Planning. I do not recommend this method because you never really know when your safe days are. If you do not want to do any hormonal contraceptives I suggest condoms, spermicide..etc… maybe even and IUD ( this is a thin, copper, tool used to block your cervix) your obgyn can explain to you how to go about this type of birth control method. If you are curious about NFP just do a google search and you will find many different sites that talk about this method. I know people that have used it in the past, and it did not work, they became pregnant within 5 months using this method. Good luck! 🙂
Just Started Nuvaring and Had Unprotected Sex, Pregnant?
Q: I started Nuvaring three days ago (on Saturday during my cycle), then on Sunday my husband and I had sex. He “pulled out” when it was time, but when I went to the bathroom I noticed some semen was in me. The day the Doctor gave me the ring, she said that it was effective immediatly, but then when I read the pamplet it says to use additional protection for 7 days if you insert during your cycle. Now I am concerned that the little bit of seman that did go in could get me prego! I have a pack of the “Plan B” birth control pills (the morning after pill) but I dont know if it is safe to take with the ring in. I just do not want to have anymore kids right now and I am very concerned. My questions are #1. Can you get pregnant 2 days after your period? and #2. Can you take the Plan B pill along with a Nuvaring? Any help is appreciated!
A: Based on what you have described, you will not get pregnant. Make sure to keep the ring in – it needs to be in there to make sure you dont get pregnant this cycle. You can take plan b if you want to – but there is no need.
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