Can you get pregnant right after you have your period

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It’s possible to get pregnant right after your period, but not very likely. [ Source: ]
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You are most likely to get pregnant when you ovulate which occurs 10-14 days before your period. When you are ovulating you will notice that the mucus in your vagina will become thicker, clearer and stronger. You can also track your basal b…
Yes. Safe period aren’t safe, only periods of varying probability. Out of couples relying on safe periods a full 19% gets pregnant during the first year.
It’s possible but not very likely. Ovulation occurs around the middle of a woman’s cycle (specifically, in the middle third): If you have a 28-day cycle, for example, then you’ll usually ovulate on the 14th day, counting the first day of …

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Can you get pregnant right after your period and taking the pill?
Q: Me and my boyfriend had unprotected sex the day after my period and I forgot to take my pill that day. I’ve only been on my birth control for a month. I’m don’t think I am pregnant but I just want to know, if you can get pregnant right after your period and forgetting to take your pill.
A: Doubtful… are more than likely safe.
Can you get pregnant right after your period?
Q: I met this guy and we had sex day 1-5 right after my period. Well come to find out he wasn’t as mature as he should have been and ran off to another state and I have not heard from him at all. Now I am scared that I might end up pregnant. Can you get pregnant right after your period. We didn’t use protection and he did not pull out.
A: Actually it sounds close to the time you would be ovulating. I believe ovulation begins 14 days from the starting day of your period give or take a few days. Also every womans body is different so it is not 100 percent. Please be careful next time.Sorry to say but it sounds like he is not the only one who is immature- catch my drift?!!! Try using your head before having unprotected sex with people you don’t know.
Can you get pregnant right after your period if your cycle is 40 to 50 days long?
Q: My cycles are crazy! Some times it will be the 28 days, some times it will be 56 days. Could I still get pregnant a day or two after my period if your cycle is crazy like that? Me and my husband had unprotected sex 3 days after I stopped bleeding. (the 8th day of my cycle) Any info would be great! Thanks!!!
A: Being that your cycles seem to be crazy I would say its not impossible. You would have to ovulate early for it to happen, but I would not completely rule it out. Considering that sperm can generally live up to 5 days that would put you at a max on the 13th day of your cycle, and with a 28 day cycle it would be possible to get pregnant. If you are trying to conceive I would suggest looking up some alternate ways of tracking when you ovulate (basal body temp, cervical mucous and so on). Best of luck either way 🙂
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