Can you get pregnant when kissing a guy

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No – you can’t get pregnant simply by kissing. Sexual intercourse, or artificial insemination, is required to become pregnant. [ Source: ]
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Can you get pregnant if you kiss a guy?
Barring somewhat sophesticated and advanced medically performed options, (which are by no means always succesful), THE ONLY WAY a human being can become pregnant is by a male ejaculating (frequently called coming), his seminal fluid (freque…
Will a girl get pregnant by kissing a guy?
No, you cannot get pregnant by kissing
Can a girl get pregnant by kissing a guy’s mouth??
No, a girl can’t get pregnant by kissing.  The only way for a woman to get pregnant is to have sperm enter her vagina, go up through her cervix into her fallopian tubes, and fertilize an egg, if there happens to be one there. Conception alm…

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Why do parents let kids grow up thinking that if the guy pulls out they wont get pregnant?
Q: Why do parents let kids grow up thinking that if the guy pulls out they wont get pregnant?When thats total horse poop.Or why do parents accept kids saying oh we learnt it all in school without giving them an exam and requiring a qualification that they know of every myth known to may or goat starting with the one above and other things likeKids thinking they can get pregnant from kissing or a bj,Or thinking that they can’t get pregnant first time, Before first cycle (ie may be on it)Standing upIf she squrts water or worse (people actually believed this one and did themselves damage) pepsi colaI kid you not If you place a luminous watch on your willy the radiation in the pain kills the sperm on the way through like a magnetic water softener… (scratched and cut girl followed by a game of extract the watch comes to mind)When still a vigin ie the girl thinks she can’t get pregnant from splashs, spills, semin coated fingers (common that one… )How much horse poop myths went around the playground when you were young?Stuff like a crsip packet could be used as a condom or cling film?You cant get pregnant from anal… Actually upi have to think about this one… butts push out contents and its only an inch or so down to dripple or move in soaked underwear.How many parents make sure kid knows that anything oil based acts like acid on condom rubber (not polyurathane ones like durex avanti) rendering condoms usuless in 30 seconds for viruses and 60 any other bacteria or sperm cells.etc etc etcAnd why dont parents on seeing kid starts to date and discovers kissing not get girl (and when its put on sale) contraceptive injections that last 3 months and can’t be messed up except by certain drugs and then telling the kid what they are or medicines?Oh and hammer it into their heads if they think anything went wrong to run and get a morning after pillIe er get responsible as parentsSo the kids dont come here a week later asking er we did this could se get pregant I feel sick a lot when its too bloody late*******************************************Colleen kids believe those mythts from freinds as the teachers and parents did not tell them it was rubbish first… so they only got the friends side filling in the blanks*****************************************Sensi… Pulling out is NOT contraception as it has no effect at all… Willies leak spermmas soon as hard… its just ether serveral drops contailing millions of sperms, or a big squrt containing billions… it only takes one.***********************************************FW below… Maybe you should play russian roulette as well as you got lucky… luck runs out
A: Brr. Happy my parents didn’t do that to me. Well, at some point they didn’t have much choice (some friends and I were… entertained by an exhibitionist at about 7… sort of had to be told what that was about – just visuals, that sicko, nothing more! thankfully). I also once read that a (virgin) girl got pregnant, after giving a bj, by wetting her fingers and masturbating – the sperm got caught in some ear canal or something, where it could live longer than in saliva, then when she lied down to… it leaked back. Made me wonder, but sort of adds to the myths that kids need to know about…
Dream about kissing my best guy friend… whats it mean?
Q: I had a dream that my Mom wanted another child and wanted me to be the surrogate mother for her new baby because she was to old to want to physicaly carry. So she had her egg transplanted into me, therefore I was pregnant with my own sister. (I found out it was a girl later in the dream…not that it matters) I know it sounds weird, but it’s a dream so ya know…anyway, when i was in labor, i was in the hospital,but none of my family was thereand i was worried, so i rolled on my side and slept and when i woke up my best guy friends, alex and brendon,(i like brendon,but alex is the closer friend)were there, also a girl who was my friend in like middle school who alex liked a couple years ago… and i was relieved to see the guys, not the girl.anyway, alex ssaid stuff like ‘is there anything i can get for you?’ and ‘are you okay’they had just found out i was pregnantit was weird because when Brendon and the girl werent looking he whispered ‘i was so worried, i had no idea you were even pregnant, then he kissed meHe kissed me!My Best Friend!I didnt like him like thatSo what does this whole dream mean?i feel the most wierd because i would have wanted Brendon to kiss me, not alex
A: The single most common misconception most people have about dreams is that the people they are dreaming about often aren’t real. That means that all the people in the dream are simply your ideas about them, like hand puppets your subconscious mind controls.Your mom asking you to be her surrogate sounds like she is putting extra pressure on you to be just like her, or you feel like she is.Or, it could be that you are wanting to feel grown up and hoping that your mom will entrust you with more responsibility, the ability to take care of another person (yourself, actually, since your sister, the baby, could be how your mom still sees you.)Being grown up, or wanting to be grown up and full of responsibility (pregnancy is full of responsibility metaphors in girls), means reaching out to people to help you with that. And since you are attracted to guys, you’re happier the guys are there because relationships and attraction are still very new to you, still a grown-up mystery (especially since mom’s aren’t the ones who get girls pregnant.)The reason Alex was so supportive in the dream can be motivated by two different reasons. I’ll give both and let you figure out which one it is.The first reasons is that, subconsciously, you have feelings, or developed feelings, for Alex that you haven’t begun to admit to yourself (think My Best Friend’s Wedding.) Sometimes people grow close to another person in one way, but aren’t ready to admit they’ve grown closer to that person in another way until something comes along to make them realize it. And since the basis of many good relationships is a really close friendship, some people are safer being friends with a person, even for a very long time, before they are ready to admit what it is they really want in a relationship.The second explanation is that you are simply more comfortable and secure in what alex feels for you than what brendon feels. Because you are friends with alex, him being worried and concerned and giving you a sympathetic kiss (assuming it was sympathetic) goes along with the growth of your friendship. Because you really aren’t sure what brendon feels, the brendon in your dreams wasn’t really sure how to act. Thus, you wanted someone to show affection, to show that they care, you needed to be kissed, and because brendon, or your feelings about brendon, aren’t secure enough for that, alex stepped in to fill his shoes. If that is the case, then the kiss was simply due to a lack of experience on your part. Its kinda like being at a party where your crush is ignoring you, and your mom comes up to give you a hug. Your mom sees your distress and knows you need the affection, but it certainly wouldn’t feel the same as if it was your crush giving it to you.
DO you think its true?
Q: this guy is a dickBody: y: Guy: “Can we have sex now?”Girl: “Can we do what? I thought we were going to the movies.”Guy: “Nah, I wanna be your first, finally.”Girl: “Um…no.Uh, just keep driving, were gonna miss the movie”Guy: “Who cares? I’m more important then the movie.”Girl: “But you have a girlfriend, who happens to be my friend…”Guy: “So, if you don’t tell, I won’t tell.”Girl: “Besides that, I’m waiting for someone special. Someone that I want to be with for the rest of my life to be my first.”Guy: “I’m not special to you?”Girl: “You’re my friend. That’s all.”Guy..Looks forward and keeps driving.5 minutes pass…….Guy..Starts to run his hand up the girl’s thigh, getting close to where he SHOULDN’T be.Girl moves his hand, “Don’t touch me.”Guy..tries to kiss her.Girl screams, “Would you stop?!”Guy continues trying.Girl moves to the back seat.Guy parks on an abandoned street and gets in the backseat with the girl. Starts to kiss her and shoves his hand up her shirt, feeling her.Girl pushes him off and scoots over, “Please, don’t do this. Thats horrible, you pig.”Guy: “Shut up, I know you want it, I can see it in your eyes.”…Moves over to her and starts to unbutton her pants aggressively.Girl pushes him harder and says, “No, don’t!”Guy getting aggravated, punches her.Guy: “Come on, I wanna get in your pants, and I know you wanna see whats in mine.”Girl crying, continues to fight.Guy punches her harder, pulls her pants off, and holds her downGirl trys to get away as he takes off his boxers, but he was too strong.Girl Screams as he shoves himself inside of her, “NO STOP, DONT DO THIS!!” he groans, she screams, so he puts his hand over her mouth. groaning continues from the guy as three hours pass…Girl.. terrified, and still struggling, watches and feels the guy go in and out of her. He pushes inside hard, almost hurting her.Guy pulls out of her, wipes himself, and puts pants back on.Girl sits on the corner of the seat, crying.Guy: “Wait, I was being a jerk… I didnt ask if you wanted more.”Guy…he laughs in a sick, twisted way.Girl: “I swear I will get your ass in jail if-“Guy looks at her, then comes closer. “Tell the cops, or anyone, I will kill you..And thats a promise”Girl pulls back, “Just take me home, now.”Guy: he says “Alright, right after this. Just for threatening to tell the cops on me, I’m gonna teach you a lesson that you’ll LOVE…..The guy does the same thing he just did for an hour.Guy: “Fun, wasn’t it?”Guy drives her home. she steps out of the car, angry, scared, and helpless.Guy acting like everything went okay and they had fun, he yells out the window, “Good night baby. See you later.Girl’s parents: “How was the movie sweetie?” The girl just looks at them, and goes up to her room.”2 months later………Girl: “Doctor, what’s wrong with me? I haven’t had my time of the month in 2 months.Doctor: looks at her, “You haven’t been having your period for a reason.”Girl looks at him and says, “Why?” dreading the answer that she was sure to receive.Doctor: “You are pregnant…”Girl breaks down crying,.. looking at her belly.When the girl gets back to school, the story gets out that shes pregnant….Guy: “If you lie to anyone and say that I raped you, I swear I will beat you so hard, I would kill you and that baby.”Girl: “But you DID rape me. You groaned, while I screamed. You didn’t care about my feelings. You made me have sex with you.Guy: “So? Why does it matter? You liked it anyways so shut up, stupid slut.”….LATER THAT NIGHT……..Girl was found dead, in her room, hanging from a rope.
A: It is a modern morality tale warning girls not to trust boysIn 2008 lots of girls are pregnant and we have DNA to nail those no good men. Rape kits to prove she was raped and prisons so he could find out what unwanted penetration feels like
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