Can you get pregnant when the guy comes in you and you start your period the next day

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Technically yes, but it is unlikely that you can be pregnant. Implantation bleeding does sometimes occur. ChaCha! [ Source: ]
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Can you get pregnant when the guy comes in you and you start your…?
Technically yes, but it is unlikely that you can be pregnant. Implantation bleeding does sometimes occur. ChaCha!

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Is it possible to get your period while possible pregnant?
Q: Okay so here is the full story….I had sex on November 8th. The condom came off, I think maybe about halfway through. I wasn’t too worried about it at the time. (Until later when I noticed I wasn’t feeling the same, and very exhausted and fatigue. I went back and looked when the last time i had my previous period, which was Oct. 26.. And If i calculated it just right then on the 8th or around then is when i should have been Ovulating. )About a few weeks later I began eating, like I have never had food in my life. No matter what I do I can’t eat enough. I get sick throughout the day, not just from eating stuff that makes my stomach upset. I have had odd cravings, and found that I actually wanted a pickle (I hate pickles), And I also have been craving Chinese food and such. Then about maybe a week and a half ago I began peeing a lot more then usual. I can’t even make it through 2 hours without feeling the urge to go. I got my first period about the same time I usually should, it was normal flow and everything. That was on November 20th. Then the next week I thought I was getting my period again, but this time is was really light, and almost only noticed it after I used the bathroom.And now it is December 11th, and I got home around 3:00 and found I started my period again. It’s really light and doesn’t really seem the same. I took a pregnancy test last night, and got a negative. I would be about 6 wks pregnant, and should get a positive if I was pregnant right? Is there any way that it could have possibly come up wrong? What should I do? What do you guys think?
A: yeah it really sounds like you’re pregnant. I have had a period both times I was pregnant. at least, I must have because when they calculated the date of conception from the ultrasound they told me I got pregnant before I had my last period! however, if you are six weeks pregnant a pregnancy test DEFINITELY would show positive unless you did it wrong. are you sure you did it right?
another Am I pregnant? question…?
Q: Soooo… where do I begin?My boobs have been sore and growing for about 2 weeks now. My bras are getting stretched out and tight and soon I’ll need to buy new ones.I was supposed to start my period the 6th. It finally came on the 17th… but with several irregularities… My cramps are usually for the first hour or two only… and no longer than the first day… I had cramps for the first two days and continue to get them on and off… My period was so light that I would have maybe an inch to an inch and half of blood which was usually a bright red or brownish color at the end of each day. I saw my doctor and she gave me a pregnancy test which was negative and she says that I’m not pregnant unless I miss my next period which is apparently very common, thats how my best friend learned that she was pregnant.My period is gone now and Im so surprised that it was so different from usual… Im typically VERY heavy for the first half of the week…Other symptoms that have me thinkin I might be pregnant… are bloating that causes my jeans literally not to fit me!!! I was in complete disbelief last night when I was getting ready to leave the house and I couldn’t get my pants on!!! what????Ive had a few headaches here and there and I never get those either.Ive been having pains in my stomach that feel like cramps or like very painful gas… Thats really embarassing… but I’m trying to give enough information to have good answers.Sooo… I have been really moody, says my boyfriend… I completely disagree.I’ve been tired all the time except some random mornings and nights where I can’t sleep for the life of me… but usually even 13 hours is not enough and I have to drag myself out of bed… Right now, I feel as though I have the energy of a 5 year old… I can’t be still for a second.I’m not worried. If I’m pregnant, that would be awesome. I just don’t want to get excited and next month’s period come and I find out that I’m not. lol.This is all really unusual for me… I’ve never had bloating like this except during the last month approximately.Never had cramps after my period or so much cramping due to gas.I’ve never had unusual periods except on rare occasion I might be late… but never light or nearly 2 weeks late.So what do you guys think?Pregnant or not pregnant.And don’t give me that bull about you got your period, not pregnant. That’s not true. My friend was pregnant and still had one light period. And negative preggers tests… yeah, not really accurate either. It can take 5-7 weeks for the placenta to develop and that means that it can take 5-7 weeks for the HCg levels to be high enough to be detected by a pregnancy test.
A: Hmmm this is kind of a tough one. I understand about still having your period slightly and still being pregnant. 2 of my friends have experienced this and their pregnancies came as a shock when they did find out. If i had to just pick on based on judgment I would say i think you are pregnant. It does sound like it. I would just do a blood test…Its one of the easiest ways to find out. If you dont want to buy store tests and stuff. Just explain to a doctor. Periods are very weird though. I mean congrats if you are pregnant. I would say it sounds like you are.
When to test. False Negatives?? 🙁 Not sure when period will come..?
Q: Ok. I am a month of bcp’s and I had a very long heavy period that started on Oct 2nd. Ended around 8th or so. I had unprotected sex with my husband on the 13th, and the next day I took an ovulate test and I believe it was positive. We had sex two days later, once unprotected and once protected. I have taken 3 tests now, last one yesterday Oct 25th. Do you guys think it would show up positive if I really were pregnant? I want to know if these are really neg’s or not! I don’t have any preg symptoms and don’t really feel pms signs like I normally do. I guess my period should technically start in a day or so if my cycle is back to normal. What do you guys think? Oh, and these tests I’m taking are the “99% accurate early result tests” They say test 5 days before missed period, then on the box in says 99% accurate from the day of your period…that confuses me. I don’t know which test to buy that is the most sensitive and accurate. I just usually get the generic from walmart or walgreens, somewhere like that. Help! advice, answers, stories please… I can’t wait to find out either way. I really want to be pregnant and will be sad if I am not because the timing seemed so right from what I read. I also need to know asap so I can quit my occassional smoking cigarettes ( I know! ) Not all the time, just sometimes. Please don’t judge me. I can never have another cigarette moment I know I am pregnant. Thanks girls.
A: it might be false negatives
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