Can you get pregnant when you haven’t gotten your period yet

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You cannot get pregnant if you have never gotten a period. Your period is when you began to create eggs needed for pregnancy. [ Source: ]
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Can you get pregnant if you haven’t gotten your period yet??
Okay.. first of all, your first period is NOT going to be old brown blood. I don’t know where “Jay” gets his info but I doubt he’s ever had a period. Your first starts light and pink/redish and becomes darker and heavier flow for …
Can a girl get pregnant if she hasn’t gotten her period yet??
YES! But only if she’s ovulated. So, she can get pregnant in the few weeks preceding her very first period if an egg is released and fertilized. A period is the shedding of an unfertilized egg along with the uterine lining. Once girls get t…
Can you get pregnant after having a baby if you havent gotten you…?
100%, yes, you can. There are a lot of babies conceived that way.

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can you get pregnant when you still haven’t got your period yet?
Q: i have been having sex for the last couple of days without protection with my boyfriend and i havent gotten my period yet does that mean im pregnant
A: Yes can do..and at your age you are very fertile even if your periods havnt started yet..go speak to your doctor..sooner rather than later just to make sure.
Can you get pregnant if you haven’t had your period?
Q: My friend said that some girls can get pregnant when they haven’t had there period yet. I think that you can’t.
A: i have heard of young girls that got pregnant before they even had a period so yes it is possible
do you have to have your period to get pregnant?
Q: ok i was on depo for 9 months and then i got off it in march but i haven’t had a period yet and i know when u get off it, it takes a while to get your period back, but can you still get pregnant without getting it back?
A: definitely, as you may be ovulating and don’t know it. In other words, you don’t know when your first ovulation will be… it could be today, tomorrow… the day you have sex.
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