Can you get pregnate when your on your period

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If you have a consistent menstrual cycle, ( bleeding every 27 to 31 days), you probably can’t get pregnant during your period. [ Source: ]
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Yes, you can get pregnant while you are on your period. The chances are much less likely, but anytime you have unsafe sex, you are risking pregnancy.
Yes, you can get pregnant on your period, but it’s not especially likely. Your most fertile days are mid-cycle. Here is more input and advice: ・ It depends. If you’re really heavy, the sperm can get washed back out. Moreover, it depends on …
I asked my OB this same question last night. You can in fact get pregnant on your period. You ask why? It’s because your period produces hormones that you need for ovulation. If those hormones are high enough within your body, then if yo…

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Can you get pregnate when your on your period?
A: It is possible, especially if your periods are irregular or you have a very short cycle. See the link I added for a detailed explanation from a fertility specialist.
can you get pregnate when your not on your period?
A: it’s PREGNANT and yes you can
can you get pregnate when on your period?
A: yes, but its less likely. If you have a consistant period (ie. every 28 or 30 days) you will ovulate in the middle of the cycle, usually. Sperm lives for 7 days, so during the week of your period, the sperm will likely die before they reach the egg (the day you start your period is day one, and the egg begins traveling down the fallopian tube around day 7, and reaches the uterus around day 14, if on 28 day cycle). But if you are not regular (skip some months or sometimes seem back to back periods) or even just having an off month, the sperm may reach the egg and fertlize it, making you pregnant. And in younger women (under 20) you are more likely to be irregular in your periods (hormones interfere). So, don’t risk it if you don’t want to chance getting pregnant. If you are both sure that you are both disease free (tested 3 months ago and again recently just in case anything popped up since then), you can use another method besides a condom, such as the gel or foam or paper film (all availible at a drug store). But most people like to use a condom anyway when on their period to cut down on the mess and the ick factor.
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