Can you get someone pregnant while they are on their period

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Yes. There is a definite chance that any woman can get pregnant during her periods. Though the chances of pregnancy are low. [ Source: ]
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Can you get someone pregnant while they are on their period?
Yes. There is a definite chance that any woman can get pregnant during her periods. Though the chances of pregnancy are low.
Can someone get pregnant while they’re on their period??
Yes. Simply because you can never predict when you will ovulate. Meaning, that you can never definitavely pinpoint when a new egg will attach itself to your uterus. This can be during or after menstruation. Even more so, sperm can live insi…
Do you know of someone who got pregnant while they were on their …?
Yes Yes Yes Yes You are lucky that your period is regular. A lot of women are not so lucky. Having said that here is what I know Facts about Fertility: Ovulation (the release of one or more eggs from an ovary) occurs within a 24 hour period…

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My breats have hurt for 3wks..can you get pregnant while on period?
Q: I had unprotected sex on my period (Feb 27) & he also came in me. 1 1/2 weeks later I developed breast soreness, slight lower stomach cramps, headaches, nausea during the day, bloating and now back aches. And all of this has been going on since that time. I wouldn’t be due for my period until around March 25. So all these symptoms are way early for what might be my period coming. my question is…is there a chance that someone can get pregnant on their period & am I showing tell tale signs already?? Like I said it’s way too early for what my usual PMS symptoms would be so I’m curious, and this is week 2 1/2 of these symptoms! lastnight I could barely sleep because my breasts felt like they were on fire. So pretty much the whole month of March so far I’ve been feeling like this.
A: yes
Am I Pregnant? I’m on my period.?
Q: Alright, so please, please don’t give me shit, okay? I don’t remember the last time I had sex, probably a few weeks ago. Is that early enough to develop morning sickness? Also, I am on my period but I’ve been researching and things are saying that you CAN get your period and still be pregnant. I haven’t taken a pregnancy test because I haven’t gotten around to getting one. Also, now please don’t lecture me okay? I’m fifteen. I’m dumb, stupid, whatever you wanna call me ‘kay? I’m just asking for a little help. Can someone at my age get their period while pregnant? AND I’M NOT FUCKING GOING TO HAVE SEX ANYMORE. -___- It started probably three days ago or so, I’ve been feeling nauseated almost non-stop. And I haven’t been eating much, because I have gotten into a bad habit. If I’m not pregnant, can you give me some pointers as to what to do? Do I need to take supplements? (I’m a vegan.) Lots of questions, eh? Whoever can answer them all wins. 😛 I haven’t woken up at all during the night (well, once) but I have not thrown up at all, just felt very close to it. I feel extremely hungry at times but just too sick to eat, and I’ve been having weird and pretty uncomfortable shits in the morning after I wake up, but no other time. HELP PLEASE. I would love you forever. <3
A: If it’s a heavy and normal period then chances are you’re not pregnant. Pregnant women get light spotting or implantation bleeding that they sometimes mistake for a period if they don’t know much about biology. Stressing too much about being pregnant can make your body act pregnant. Stressing makes your cortisone levels go up, which makes you fat. You may feel sick/nauseous/dizzy, and it can also mess with your flow. Take a pregnancy test in a week just to ease your mind. The $5 ones do the same job as the $20 ones. If you’re going to be having sex you need to take responsibility. Don’t let this happen again. Your diet is likely to blame. First of all, you’re not eating enough and probably in the early stages of an eating disorder if you don’t fix this soon. You’re going to have a protein and iron deficiency, among other rhings. You need meat alternatives ASAP. You’ll feel tired, sick, nauseated, have trouble sleeping, get sick easier because of a lower immune system, you might lose your hair or grow weird bodily hair, find you want to sleep for like 15 hours at a time, become malnourished, pale, sweaty, weak……So, in short, yes. You really do need supplements. You shouldn’t just go and load up on every vitamin you find in the store. Talk to a nutritionist and work out a meal plan with meat alternatives. Vegan diets are very rarely healthy for people who just decide to do it on their own. You need to work closely with a professional to make sure your body is getting ALL the nutrients it needs or you’ll feel gross all the time. As soon as I started eating meat again my hair got softer, I felt way better, I didn’t get sick as often, I slept normally, and I had energy.
Got a weird question about periods?
Q: Okay when someone who is trying to conceive is stressing or whatever and makes there period late, when their period finally comes do you think they can make it different hoping that it’s weird? Like for some instince, some women have periods while pregnant and they are different and shorter or whatever, and some one trying to concieve gets their period and is really hoping it’s different, do you think they can make that happen? or do you think when it comes it comes and nothing is stopping it now? I am wondering cuz if they can delay or skip their period, couldn’t they do something while their period is on? Give me ur opinion!NO NO NO lol sorry, I was trying to explain it and explaining is something i am horrible at!! The others got it right. I will try to explain. When TTC the woman can mess up her period worrying about it right? But when she actually gets her period and is wishing it was not normal {cuz most of the women with period like bleeding say that their period is weird, not heavy, different colored then normal} then do you think if she is thinking about this and wanting this cuz it might mean she still has a chance then could she screw up her period in that way too and make it awkward?
A: In trying to understand your grammar – if I’m following you – you are asking if a woman can “control” her period?In my opinion, I don’t believe that’s possible. You can manipulate the timing of your period by excessive dieting, over exercising, getting pregnant or being sick in some way – but once your flow starts, it’s whatever is there that is coming out – be it alittle or alot.EDITnot sure if your additional details explained it either – but the stress of trying to concieve relates to stress on the body and yes, the period can nominally change. If the woman takes an irregular period as a sign that she may be pregnant and isn’t – that’s additional stress. I don’t think a woman can manipulate her period willingly – I think that what I said above is about right.
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