Can you have a baby if you have cancer

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Some women are able to conceive a baby with cancer. However, it is risky due to get pregnant due to the need of treatment. ChaCha! [ Source: ]
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Can I breastfeed my baby if I have breast cancer??
Breastfeeding while you have breast cancer will not harm your baby. Moreover, there is no evidence that stopping your flow of breast milk will improve your cancer.
How I Beat Cancer and Gave Birth to My Miracle Baby
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cancer-zodiac sign one of the most hated signs?
Q: I’m a Cancer and I hardly have any friends, and when I do I can hardly keep them. I’m not really sure why because I’m always there for them, but it just seems like they all abandon me. =/ Also, I was never the most popular in school, and my past job I don’t think I was well liked and my new job that I just started 3 weeks ago..I’m getting a vibe that I’m not liked and I didn’t do anything to them. This is talking about my new job- I smile and greet my co-workers, never gave a dirty look and it just seem like they don’t like me. Did I mention they’re mostly girls? Do people born under the Cancer zodiac just beam off a light of hatred or is it just me? Oh and if you don’t believe in astrology or think it’s bull then there is no need for you to respond. – this is one was posted/asked by another person on another site an i just copied it lol sorry *im lazy :P* an we have the same prob.hard to keep friends,they just come an go,an i feel like im so diffrent from others as they have their own group of friends to hang out with all the time or whenever they want to an its just idk like i feel like i was alone for my last 16 yrs an til now tat im turning 17..they say tat cancer babies are soo emotional an trying so hard to fit in? or to have friends idk,if ud ask me,if id sense tat sumone dont like me to be around them then id just back off *lol an dont think to bother them again,but id be happy to help them out even jsut becoz they nid my help an after tat they could just go away again =/idk i guess maybe if sumone would help me out on this id be very glad tat sumone could understand me despite of…my being like always emotional lol :]
A: …Hi There…Forgive me if I get too lengthy with this…But I am a Cancer child and can relate to what you are going through and see potential through this cloud in your life…Cancer people are deep people…They see through others fakeness and aren’t like the others…They go out of their way to make sure everyone feels complete and comfortable even while they are being insulted, belittled and thrown to the curb…They sacrifice their own comfort for others comfort…They are not shallow people who love getting brownie points from gossiping or hurting others in any way…They’re sincere to the bone…The type of people you want when the stakes are down and the kind you ignore when things are going your way and you know will still be there for you when the stakes are down again…They are the nuturers, the counselors and the glue…I believe what month and day you were born holds true to the traits of the signs…I’m just like they describe a Cancer person to be…And I had very few true blue friends growing up and even now…I had acquaintances that were gone when their need for me was gone…But the lonely years molded me more than I realized…I used them to my advantage and found other constructive activities to occupy my mind to booster my moral when those lonely days & nights came and went…Also I started finding friends in the ones who were being thrown to the curb by the same click crowds I was…For Instance, I went to a high school where all the doctors and lawyers kids went…Peaches and cream skin, awesome clothes and vehicles…They had it all…At least I thought they did…I was friendly to all but trusted none…I heard how they ripped others apart and knew when I left the room I was on the platter next…Yeah it hurt but what I didn’t realize is how it was making me into a better person.Then I started reaching out to a different crowd…The ones that didn’t fit the click crowds…For instance…One of my friends had a crooked spine and was bent to the side…She didn’t look the part of the elite but we had a blast going to concerts and hanging out…We laughed and bonded…Then I found a friend in a girl who looked like a tomboy…Dressed like a tomboy…Was very quiet, shy and reserved…Didn’t fit the click crowd…But when she felt comfortable with you, she’d let her guard down and was one of the funniest people I knew…And we had an awesome time hanging out…We laughed until we pee’d in our pants…One thing I learned is take the lonely years and use them to you advantage…Educate yourself, learn from others snobbiness…Be polite and respectful and don’t let this get to you…You have such a bright future waiting for you and you just don’t know it yet…You will be an awesome spouse learning from these experiences…So, brush it off…Look into a different direction for friends…Learn from the clicks what type of person not to be…Occupy yourself through the loneliness…And you ARE gonna be okay…Keep you head up.A Poem by Nancy Wood SOLITUDEDo not be afraid to embrace the arms of loneliness.Do not be concerned witht he thorns of solitude.Why worry that you will miss something?Learn to be at home with yourself without a hand to hold.Learn to endure isolation with only the stars as friends.Happiness comes from understanding unity.Love arrives on the footprints of your fear.Beauty arises from the ashes of despair.Solitude brings the clarity of still waters.Wisdom completes the circle of YOUR DREAMS.
Does anyone ever think it would be easier to just be stuck in a bubble in a climate controlled room?
Q: With all the pregnancy restrictions, I feel like a friggin’ invalid sometimes. I can certainly understand not drinking hard liquor, taking street drugs, certain prescription medications, etc., but come on–you can’t eat more than 1 can of tuna per week? If you eat a medium-well steak you’ll get some horrible illness? You can’t walk past someone who’s smoking outside without causing your baby cancer? Your cats will somehow magically emit fumes that will give you toxoplasmosis? No soft serve ice cream? No lunch meat? WTH gives with that? Is anyone else sick of this? I realize it’s only for 9 months, but come on–how many of you out there “indulged” in a pregnancy no-no and actually had a baby born with serious medical conditions (or any medical condition at all) that was somehow related to doing something you weren’t supposed to be doing while pregnant? I feel almost like a dang hermit–like I should just lock myself in the house and be fed through a tube.New mommy–you’re not supposed to eat softserve and lunch meat because if the icream machines aren’t cleaned properly or if the meat is unloaded from the truck and the pepole in the deli don’t refrigerate it immediately it *may* cause you to get listeria (don’t know if I spelled that correctly, lol). I just think it’s dumb that women are being terrified into abstaining from so many things when we have enough stuff to worry about! :)To the first lady who answered–I’m currently pregnant with my third chid, so I knew what I’d have to “give up” while pregnant. I don’t have a problem with most of it, but sometimes I think the “experts” are just trying to scare women sometimes, seriously. I do indulge…with my first I lived off tuna melts, and craved medium rare steak (which I ate). With the second one, I don’t remember doing anything bad, but I’m sure I cheated somewhere, lol.
A: since when cant you have ice cream???? i eat it all the time. and you can eat a medium well steak. you just want to make sure its cooked enough on the top and bottom to avoid getting any bacteria from possible feces on the meat. its hamburgers not cooked all the way that they are worried about. i think your freaking out over nothing. you can walk past someone smoking. how do you think women in new york survive and have children? and if you keep your cats liter box clean and you wash your hands after touching them your fine. it takes 24 hours for toxoplasmosis to become present in their feces. so have it cleaned every day and dont touch it. you can eat lunch meat as long as you heat it up first. i indulged the heck out of my first trimester and my baby is beautiful and doing well. my mom ate what she wanted and had me. ithink your freaking out over nothing. seriously.
What are my chances of being able to have babies when I’m older if I’ve had a cancer history as a baby myself?
Q: I’m a cancer survivor of Acute Lymphatic Leukemia since I was a baby. it was discovered 12 days before my third birthday, in which was on mothers day that year. my mom mentioned that the treatment that i had been taking at the time could affect my heart, my chances of getting pregnant and having my own babies, as well as my memory & other supposably minor things in the future.i would like to know if their are any other childhood cancer survivors out there who are now older to give me some info if they might know what my chances are of being able to have babies when I’m older, if I’ve had a cancer history as a baby myself . . .i need all the help i can get to know about please because i don’t have a clue of what else this type of cancer history can wind up having any certain affects on me in the future. And whether or not im gonna need someone in the future to carry my baby for me, other than just adopting kids, due to whatever reason it could be (like a person who is a serigus {*idk how its really spelled*}, but kind of like someone in that movie Baby Mama).I’m not gonna try to have a baby yet, but before I am actually ready to have kids in the future to come, there are pieces of information that I would like to know about so I won’t find out at the “last minute” and end up being disappointed and completely upset about in in the end.PLEASE GIVE ME HONEST ANSWERS BECAUSE I DON’T LIKE TO BE LIED AT IF YOU KNOW WHAT I MEAN.
A: Your best bet is going to a doctor and sharing your concerns. Only he/she can tell you if you can have a healthy baby. Also I think the word you are looking for is surrogate!
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