Can you have a heavy period and be pregnant

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It’s fairly unusual to be pregnant and still have a normal period. Only light breakthrough bleeding is possible when pregnant. [ Source: ]
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Can you have heavy periods and be pregnant?
before i had sex i had heavy periods no bloating no dizzyness but now i’m geeting light periods so i only need 1 pad a day cause its not heavy sometimes my period blood is black i’m getting bloating and feeling dizzy. i’m going to the toile…
Is heavy bleeding and really bad cramps a sign of being pregnant,…?,-while-on-your-period
Heavy bleeding and bad cramps are not a sign of pregnancy, but could be a sign of menorrhagia or possibly miscarriage. ChaCha!
Heavy period and cramping sharp pains in my side and back pain. a…?
I’m leaning toward no, you are not pregnant. If you had conceived then it could be a miscarriage, but I have to tell you that the odds of getting pregnant on the last day of your period, although has occured before, are very slim. You could…

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can you have a heavy period like normal when your 5 weeks pregnant?
Q: can you have a heavy red period when your 5 weeks pregnant.? or is this an early miscarrage or is it just that i was late coming on ? has any woman expierienced this and still been pregnant. heavy period was red and had cramps x
A: I experienced this when I was in early pregnancy….it was a miscarriage and they referred to it as a chemical pregnancy because my horomone levels were so low to begin with, the pregnancy itself had barely begun to take hold. You could just be having a late period…unless you took a pregnancy tests and saw that it was positive you may never know.If you were indeed pregnant you should go to your ob and get another blood test done to look at your horomone levels. I’m very sorry…this is a difficult and painful problem and very common for many women out there.
Can you still have a heavy period and be pregnant?
Q: I last had protected sex December 17 and since then I’ve had 2 periods. I’ve been feeling off lately, and i’ve been bloating a lot since my period ended (2 days ago). My last 2 periods were really heavy and I experienced heavy cramps. Is there still a chance im preggers?
A: I am not sure why you think you are/were pregnant to start with – maybe its just me though. You haven’t missed a period – have you taken a test? Any other symptom other than bloating?
can someone have a HEAVY period while pregnant?
Q: im saying that i usually get a heavy period all the time usually with sometimes little clots and such.. i recently was engaged in sexual activies (NOT SEX) but kinda like it and that took place aug 5th i got my normal regular HEAVY period like normal aug 16th for the normal amount of days with little clots like usual.. do you think im paranoid about being pregnant? i havent had any symptoms im not tired, my boobs dont hurt, i dont feel naseaus, im eating normally. WHAT DO YOU THINK!?stop being rude. some one fingered me with on their hands and i KNOW IT IS A POSSIBILTY TO GET PREGNANT THAT WAY
A: I’m sure you are just menstruating. Have you taken a test to check your hcg hormone levels? If you test positive, then i’d run to your ob/gyn to check for signs of miscarriage. Tests are super cheap at walmart, you can get one for 3-4 bucks.Good luck.
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