Can you have a miscarriage at five months pregnant

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Yes it is possible to have a miscarriage when you are 5 months along. [ Source: ]
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Can you have a miscarriage at five months pregnant?
You can have a miscarriage through out the pregnancy for different reasons.
How can you tell when a woman have miscarriage and she is five mo…?
After you have had multiple miscarriages the doctor will start doing some testing to help determine why. Usually they wait until the third miscarriage, but if you want the testing done now they generally wouldn’t refuse. Good luck and don’t…
Is it a miscarriage or a still born at 5 months pregnant??
At 5 months, it could be called either one. A still birth is the death of a baby after the 20th week. If a baby dies in utero between weeks 14 and 24 it is also called a late miscarriage.

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I am five and a half weeks pregnant and sometimes i get what can only be descibed as a feeling of heat?
Q: It is in my lower abdomen and lower back and is not all the time. It feels like that feeling you get before you get your period and it comes and goes. Its not unbearable and i can not think of any other way to describe it other than warm. Has anyone else ever experienced this. I had a miscarriage at this stage a few months ago so i am very nervous. The doctor can not tell me anything, she says each pregnancy is different!
A: hey there, when i was pregnant every time i was due on i had what i called pressure there but it might be the same as your heat, i wouldn’t worry to much about it but if you have had a miscarriage be for around this time ring your midwife with your worriers and she will refer you to the maternity ward and they will check you over, i went many of time when i was pregnant because i couldn’t feel my baby move much and they said to me that if i needed to go everyday for reassurance that i could I’m sure they would do the same for you, hope this helps.
need some info on a a stich to hold cervix shut!?
Q: I am hoping that someone can help me out. I have had two miscarriages one a four months pregnant and the other at five months pregnant. The doctor thought that the last pregnancy at five months failed due to an incompetent cervix. I am trying once agian to get pregnant and would like some information on the incompetent cervix and the stich they put in at 14-16 weeks pregnant. also anyone who has gone through something similair please feel free to write. thank you so much.
A: I have had this procedure done four times, and it is no big deal. In all actuality, it is a ring they put around your cervix, at least that is what Dr told me. All it does is prevent the cervix from opening before it is time. If you are going to have natural childbirth, they will remove it before delivery to allow nature to take its course. It is a same day procedure, and there is little or no pain. It has helped me make it through four difficult pregnancies. Good luck to you. I hope all goes well.
Advice Needed: My brother-in-law is back with his ex…whom none of us like…help…?
Q: OK, I’m at a loss with this situation in my family right now and figured I could come here for some honest opinions and some feedback.My brother-in-law was dating this woman two years back, when my husband and I were pregnant with our baby. Now, mind you, my husband and I ran a family restaurant; I was five months pregnant; and my brother-in-law was living in our home with us and our other children. So, he was temporarily living in our home (which happens to be owned by my father-in-law, my husband and his father) until he found his own place.Well, while living with us, he met this girl who we will call Amy. Amy was loud, obnoxious, messy, did not clean up after herself, sprawled out on the sofa on a nightly basis, and basically lived with us, too. Amy thought she was hilarious, and had to be the loudest voice speaking. She had her own apartment, yet was at our home with brother-in-law just about every day/night. Each evening when my hubby and I would come home from the restaurant with our kids, Amy and brother-in-law would be sitting on the sofa and we would be left to squeeze ourselves onto the loveseat. Mind you, I’m huge and pregnant! No disregard or respect for my pregnant state.Now, about a week into them dating Amy becomes “pregnant”…she took about 10 pregnancy tests a week before her period was due and they came back a very faint positive. So, she’s so excited that they are now pregnant too. Then, a week later, she starts bleeding and claims a miscarriage. She is devastated, and all life around her must stop! She lays around our house, crying and upset, unable to go to work. Now, ladies, what happened what she got her period right on schedule. From the research I’ve done, this happens to many of us during our lives. It’s not a pregnancy and miscarriage. It’s just part of our normal cycle. Our body cleans things out that aren’t meant to be.All sorts of smoking and drinking starts happening in and around our home. I’m still pregnant, and there is no disregard for me or my baby’s health. Soon after the miscarriage, she cry’s rape on my brother-in-law. Apparently she got so drunk one night, passed out, woke up, they had sex, and then the next day she cried rape on him. While they were together, in a consensual relationship! So, brother-in-law is now dealing with her claming he raped her. Then, after we got over the rape situation, she then claims she has uterine cancer, but she is refusing treatment! WHAT??? Refusing treatment at 22 years old? Come on now. Then, she has a bladder infection and needs a prescription but dosen’t have insurance so they are asking me to help them out! Amy is a complete drama queen who is thriving on attention attention attention. Brother-in-law begins to see this, and begins to get tired of her crap. He’s filling my hubby and I in on everything. Every little detail about her, and her craziness, and her arguments, and her demands. She rings his phone constantly, to the point that he’s screaming out in distress and throwing his phone or turning it off. So, he finally breaks up with her. Thank goodness! Well, she’s out of his life for a while, and now, SHE’S BACK!!! After all she did and claimed and all the craziness she brought to our house, without any acknowledgement or apologies to us. She’s back again. We are all freaking out, and I think he’s crazy for taking her back. Now, I know I can’t control what he does or who he dates, but I don’t have to like it right? I don’t have to be around her right? I don’t want anything to do with her. Even though he says she’s on meds now, and supposedly she’s better…. It’s causing so many problems in our family because brother-in-law expects us all to accept her. What do you think???I had to add a few more details. He no longer lives with us! We actually ended up moving up, and he’s still in our old house. So, we haven’t lived with him for about six months. She is now living there with him. The problem, thank God, is no longer in our home. However, we are trying to find ways to deal with her. We refuse to invite her to any of our family functions, and I don’t want her around my kids. I mean, granted, people can change. And, if she has mental issues, then maybe medication has helped her see more clearly. But, honestly, people don’t change completely. And, if she has crazy capacity it’s only a matter of time before she’s there again. I just am not going to pretend to like her, or accept her. I will always love my brother-in-law, but right now, he is taking her side. He is telling us she is different. We just can’t shake all of our PERSONAL EXPERIENCES with her.
A: socio path. I would for the health of your family accept your bro in law and his decisions but ask for him not to bring this person around your family… really you owe her nothing.
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