Can you have a normal period if you’re pregnant

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Yes, it is not uncommon for a woman to have a normal period for her entire pregnancy. You may want to check with your doctor. [ Source: ]
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Can You Have a Normal Period & Be Pregnant?
・ During your menstrual cycle, your reproductive organs produce hormones that cause your ovaries to release… ・ When you are pregnant, hormone levels increase in order to stop the menstrual cycle. This prevents the… ・ Twenty to 30 percen…
Is it normal to have period cramps when you’re pregnant?’re-pregnant
Menstrual type cramps during pregnancy is normal. Abdominal pain in general is not entirely uncommon during pregnancy. ChaCha!
Could you be pregnant if you’re having periods but they’re lighte…?’re_having_periods_but_they’re_lighter_and_shorter_than_normal
i had a period the first 3 months of both of my pregnancy’s if you think you may be or you question it it’s best to get a hold of a doctor. Possibly look into going to a free clinic if you have one in town. If they give you a urine test and…

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Can you still have a normal period, even if you’re pregnant. Like, the very first few weeks when egg attaches?
Q: Like, within the first 1-3 weeks of pregnancy have a period, and not know you’re pregnant? Say after having intercourse unprotected, and tryin to become pregnant, and still start a period. Because im right on time for my monthly period now, and just start tryin, about 2 weeks ago? But i was on depo for 3 yrs, and have been off of it for 1 yr now? Am i able to become pregnant now, and if so start my normal period this month? It’s very light, and non clotted.
A: When I had my son, I was 4 months pregnant before I even knew and had only missed one period. Although the other three months were lighter. I just thought I was going through a weird phase. And about the Depo. I have many friends (including self) who was on the Depo shot. I come from that era as it was the most popular birth control from my time. 100% of the girls I know either cannot get pregnant (took me 10 years) or could not get pregnant for at least 3 years. But everyone is different I suppose.
How can you tell if you’re pregnant while you’re on birth control?
Q: I do not think I’m pregnant or anything, I’m just wondering because I just started birth control. So my questions are..-Do you have a normal period the first month? Or do you have a light one?-If you were pregnant would you not bleed at all?-How would you tell/know if you’re pregnant if some of the symptoms of pregnancy are common in birth control also?Thanks!
A: It’s usually a lighter period. If you were pregnant you could still experience ‘implantation bleeding’ the common symptom are breast tenderness(and swelling) and sometimes weight gain.
Can you have your period if you’re pregnant?
Q: Heres the story.I had a period on June 30th, 2007 ..Aug. 6th came around, still nothing .. so i took a test ..The 2nd line, letting me know i was pregnant WAS there .. i could barely see it, but it was there I’ve talked to a lot of women who have taken that pregnancy test, they informed me the 2nd line is always hard to see (as you can see in the directions).2 days after the test came up PREGNANT my period started .. that was on Aug. 8th .. i was/am very confused..The period last about 4 days .. pretty normal.Well, it’s September 11th now, and still no sign of my period.Is there a possibility i could still be pregnant even though i had a period a few days before the test came back “pregnant”??!! EDIT: Well, it’s September 11th now, and still no sign of my 2nd period since the test read “pregnant”YES, i DO want to be =)— It was a normal period. — and i don’t have serious stomache pain
A: Ok before you freak out consider other things that can cause your period not to be normal, that is if you’re not pregnant. Have you taking another pregnancy test? (EPT is good) second you can confirm it with your doctor, it only takes a couple of minutes to get a result. There are other factors that can trigger your period not to be normal. How is your level of stress, have you gotten enough to sleep, how is your eating habits and do you smoke/ drink-those two things can screw up your cycle. Are you taking birth control such as the pill, patch? And yes, if you’re pregnant-the early stage that’s when its about days-2 weeks into the pregnancy you can have a period but its more like spotting and it should go away as your pregnancy progresses. But if it doesn’t you can talk to your ob/gyn about it if you have any concerns. Also here’s a thought-do your female relatives(especially your mother & grand mother) have a history of normal or not normal cycles and can be genetics. I know of a friend of mine who doesn’t have a normal cycle, she hardly gets a period(with in a year) and doesn’t get a single period for over a year. But she has a family history that her females relatives don’t have normal cycles. It depends also on your body, only you know your own body, if it doesn’t feel right you might want to have it check out. Hope this info was useful.
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