Can you have a period a week after taking plan be? Can I still be pregnant

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Yes, it is possible to have a period after taking Plan B. Also, you can have a period while pregnant, though it is rare. [ Source: ]
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Can i still get pregnant after taking plan b and had a period a w…?
Plan B loses effectiveness the longer you wait to take it. It works best within the first 24 hours although they say you have up to 72 hours to take it. You might want to take a test just to double check.

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i got my period twice in one month after taking “plan b” can i still be pregnant? ?
Q: hey everyone, this is my 1st time uesing this yahoo ask your question thingbut about 2 weeks ago i had sex with someone and the condom brokewe went to go get the plan b pill right away….this happend at 2amand i took the pill at almost 10am and then took the 2th pill 12 hrs later like the box saidthe day the condom broke it was the LAST day of my perioda week later after taking the pill i got my period again but it only lasted for like 3 and a half dayscan i still be pregnant or does the pill make you do that sometimes?and if so does this mean i won’t have my period next month?
A: Plan B contains a large amount of hormones which could cause your cycle to be irregular for awhile. If you’re concerned, you should see your doctor.
Can a girl show high HCg levels in a blood test 7 days after taking Plan B and still not be pregnant?
Q: To sum it up… GF had been off period 3 days, On a Wed. the Condom broke, she took plan b 3 hrs later. She hurt really bad and bled the next few days. The following Wednesday, she saw the doctor to check her hormone levels for Birth Control and other women stuff… (It had been a week) She got a call saying her hormone level is high (the one they look at to tell pregnancy or not… Called HCg i think…)Can maybe the egg be fertilized, which is why the levels are high, but then not stick to the uterus, meaning she wont get pregnant? Any help would be nice. Thank you.
A: If there are high levels of HCG in your girlfriend’s urine or blood, then Plan B failed and she is pregnant. Pregnancy hormones only occur in high levels when you are pregnant, after the egg has been fertilized and has implanted in the uterine wall. I’m fairly certain that your girlfriend is already pregnant.
How long after taking plan B can you still feel side effects?
Q: Such as tender breasts and delay in period with mild cramps?I took it 3 weeks ago and my breasts have been tender for about a week now. I also get very mild cramps, like I do sometimes just before getting my period. But the period is now nearly a week late. I’ve benn on the Hcg diet, so I can’t take a reliable pregnancy test until next monday. Are these symptoms normal or can I really be pregnant?
A: Well the first time I used the pill I dint had side effects, but the second time I did and it was just like you, I had those effects like for a month! My period dint came in 1 month but I wasn’t expecting a baby… So I think is normal but if I were you I would stop that diet… Just for 2 weeks… And eat more healthy food
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