Can you have just the cramps with out the period when your pregnant

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Cramping in early pregnancy is common and usually very normal. ChaCha on for now! [ Source: ]
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Can I be pregnant if I just had a period and am now having cramps?
You could very well be. Although the timing would be a bit off, women have been known to conceive at different times. ChaCha!
Could i be pregnant or just period cramps?
It’s probably too early to tell. And if you think about it too much, you’ll stress yourself out and that will just make your period come late which will just wig you out more and make you convinced that you’re pregnant, then when your per…
Can you have period like cramps if you just got pregnant?
I definitely had period pains in early pregnancy – which made me think I wasn’t pregnant at the time, so it was a nice surprise to find out I was!

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It is common to get period cramps without getting your period it when you are 1 month pregnant?
Q: I just found out that I am pregnant about 7 hours ago! I am so happy, but for the last 4 days I have been getting cramps that feel like period cramps. I am late for my period, but I am nervous because I have only taken a home pregnancy test, it says it was 99.9% accurate. I am going to the doctor for a real test on Monday, but I am wondering how common it is for women to feel period cramps, I also have breast tenderness. Also, I am on the medication Metformin for insulin resistance, can that cause a false positve? Should I not let myself get too excited? By the way, I all the sudden have no appitite, which is strange for me and some foods taste different (I’m not sure if this has anything to do with it, just letting you know, lol). Thanks!
A: it sure is common, I did with both my pregnancies, it feels like your period is about to start any time. Relax it will be ok :)BTW your symptoms are common pregnacy symptoms and sore breasts are a classic one Congrats!!
when your pregnant……… ive got a few questions?
Q: when your pregnant and you already fat, will you notice your stomach getting bigger sooner or later then the average sized person?is it possible to have had a lot of pregnancy symptoms(back ache, head aches, slight nausia, constant tiredness, sore boobs) one month then they stop for about 3 to 4 weeks, and then start up again?is it possible to have periods while your pregnant? because once i first started thinking i was pregnant, i waited and was a week late, then it started, but it was so light, and shorter then usual(with no cramping), then i waited for my next period and it was again a few days late, and it was really heavy, with extremly worse then usual cramps.(( this is going from having like completly on time periods, which are basically the exact same every time))also what is some advice you can give me in reguards to the fact that, i was with this guy and now our relationship is pretty much non existant, im scared that if i am pregnant, well i just dont know how things are going to turn out…. i dont want my child to be raised in a single parent home, i dont want to be on welfare or whatever but i know i wont be able to afford raising a kid on my own. and also once i tell him, i dont want him to feel obligated to be with just because of the baby…. any advice on that?and DO NOT LECTURE ME ON BEING IRRESPNSIBLE! I AM AN ADULT, AND FULLY READY TO TAKE CARE OF MY CHILD, JUST LOOKING FOR SOME HELPFUL ADVICE!
A: To get your answer you simply need to test. We can’t tell you what’s up and we may just end up confusing you even more.No you cannot have a period and be pregnant but you can have some bleeding. Heavy bleeding with intense cramps is either a period though or a miscarriage. Stress can mess with your cycle as well as many other things. Even the most “regular” woman can get messed up every now and again.Symptoms do come and go in pregnancy usually, but the symptoms you listed are also related to tons of other things, not only pregnancy.Again just take a test…
If you are using the pull out method, can you still be pregnant even after having your period?
Q: Ok… me and my boyfriend had sex for the first time three weeks ago. The first time we used protection, however the next couple of times we used the pull out method. I haven’t been on birth control in a year. I had my period it was light, and I had very little cramps when usually they interfere with my daily routine. I’ve been craving weird foods like strawberries and peanut butter…and I’ve been eating pickles and dipping them in mayo. I may just be paranoid. I would just like to know it is it possible to be pregnant and still have bleeding.
A: The pull-out method does not work, plain and simple. Please do not use it as “birth control” ever again in your life. I have no idea why you were unable to use a condom the few times you had sex following the first time. So, yes, you could easily be pregnant.Go to the doctor, explain, and get a pregnancy test. And, for the love of god, get on the pill if you know you’re going to be staying with this guy.
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