Can you have really bad stomach pains when you are pregnant

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Occasional abdominal discomfort is a common pregnancy complaint. It can, however, be serious. Contact your OB. ChaCha. [ Source: ]
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What if a girl is having really bad stomach pains and cant sleep….?
The only way to tell if you are pregnant is to take a test.
Is really bad stomach pain a sign of being pregnant??
Possibly but more likely you have stomach pain. Take the test to be sure. Answer I had proper bad pains in my stomach I couldn’t move could I be pregnant?

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Did Anybody Get really bad Gas pains in your stomach when you got pregnant?
Q: I am late on my period and I am not having cramps but really bad stomach full of gas !!!I have been pregnant before I don’t remember if I got that?Can anybody help me out?Gassy painful stomach???HelpI feel really Bloated but kinda Painful but no cramps like in the ovary section
A: im 6 months and have had a pretty easy pregnancy the only thing i ever got was the sore breasts at the begining and gas that has just recently started going down a bit….mine are sometimes painfull to the point it feels kinda crampy feeling…and i know its too much info but in all honesty if your at home just let it go cuz it makes my belly feel better when i get that air out of my tummy…my husband used to run a mile at first but hes use to the prego thing by now lol so he handles it better now but seriously the painfull gas thing has been normal for me
when pregnant what do the stomach pains feel like?
Q: i have really bad stomach pains in the lower abdoman and its been hurting since sat. about 4 days now. it seems like the pain gets worse day by day. when i sit down i have a pain at the bottom of my uterus. this also happens when i walk or move or pee. it doesnt burn or anything like that but tha buttom or my stomach..i guess my uterus just hurts really bad as it comes out. what do you guys thing this could be? plz help!!! and i am scheduling a doctors appointment tomorrow buh i can i deal with the pain until i can get to the doctors?im 11 weeksand it seems like i ahve to pee every 30 minutes to an hr
A: a warm (not hot) bath will help you to relax. or you can try a warm shower. you may be having contrations, or braxton hicks contractions. how far along are you? are you leaking water? how far apart are the pains? the doctor is going to ask you all of this. and where the pain should call the 24 hour nurse line for your doctor/hospital, and try and speak with nurse.
I have been having bad lower stomach pains for a few days now. Like really low almost by my private area.?
Q: What i wanted to know is yes i’m ttc and AF came on march 17. My fertile time was between march 27th til 31st. Me and partner had sex 2days b4 27th, the 30th and 31st. My stomach is hurting so bad and my breast are hurting. It’s like a tingling sensation. The breast pain comes and goes. I think my cycle was a little bit off tho because of the short month in feb because if i’m not mistaken it came on the 24th of feb. But anyway, is there anyone out there that can maybe relate to this or might know a little bit about this? Ok and also…i keep seeing you ladies talk about checking or feeling your uteres…please tell me how to feel mines!!!!! And what am i feeling for? When your pregnant, how is it sappose to feel? Thanks ladies for your input!OK SMART ASS I AM A GROWN ASS WOMAN AND I KNOW HOW TO TAKE A PREGNANCY TEST!!! AND NO I’M NOT BURNING WHEN I PEE STUPID ASS……I KNOW WHAT A UTI IS AND FEELS LIKE……MOVE AROUND AND FIND SOMEONE ELSE TO STALK……PUNK!
A: I am TTC #3. It has taken longer than my previous experiences (#1 I got pregnant within 6 weeks of trying and with my second we got prgnant within the first 2weeks.) We have been trying for 4 months already. My AF came March 16th. I was ovulating from March 25-1st. the last couple of days I’ve had slight nausea and noticed a stronger sense of smell. I’ve een having strange tingling/twinging sensation in my uterus. As far as checking your uterus, the dr does that when your pregnant. You can check yor cervix. click the link below to see what you should be looking for.Good luck!
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