Can you have your period one last time when your pregnant

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Once implantation occurs, the body starts to produce hCG and the menstrual cycle is interrupted. Thanks for asking ChaCha! [ Source: ]
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Can you have your period one last time if your pregnant?
Some women do experience a regular menstrual cycle. This usually occurs when a women becomes pregnant near her period. ChaCha!
Do you get your period one last time before becoming pregnant??
Yes it is possible for you to get your period one last time before becoming pregnant. It is also possible to have your period during the beginning of your prenancy or even throughout the whole 9 months. Its rare, but it can happen.
Is it possible to have a period one last time in the early stage …?
It is possible to have a period all the way through pregnancy, but it may also mean you are not pregnant anymore. If you are worried, visit your doctor

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Can I get pregnant then get my period the same night? I had period last time I was pregnant and was unaware ?
Q: I know this sounds stupid, but my husband and I are trying to concieve. We tried on 8/7/08 and my period was 2 days late I took a home test the Clearblue one that says you can take it 5 days prior to missing period, well I was 2 days late and took it and results not pregnant. We tried again on 8/15/08 even though I knew I was not ovulating because my husband knows he has super sperm and I don’t need to be ovulating or anything. He is so cute when he said this, how could I argue and explain the reality of what I know. Anyways we tried again on 8/15/08 I held my legs in the air for 20 minutes as I was told 15 years ago I had a tilted uterous, now I am told it is not 15 years later but not to take any chances I did the whole elevated thing to help them swim. I got my period about 4 hours later, and today is day 3 of the period it is heavy and clotty like it normally is about every other month. So I know it is definately a period. My husband reminded me when I was pregnant last time I had my period the whole time and I was on the pill I only found out I was pregnant @ Dr visit for annual and to get more birth control. I actually thought the Dr was wrong and made them schedule ultrasound as I had taken the pill religously back then and did not think it was possible to be pregnant. I was pregnant and they said no worries the pill would not have done anything to baby nor the alchol as it was in my party days when I was 21. I was so scared due to the pill and drinking like a fish and taking cold medicines and everything like normal non pregant people do. They assured me all would be ok, but I lost the baby at about 9 weeks, 2 weeks after finding out I was pregnant and accepting I really was. We have waited 8 years to try again as neither of us wants to go through that again, but I am 30 and I am running out of time to become a Mom. That being said I am really excited we are trying again and happy my hubby wants one so bad that he hopes ovulation is not an issue. Has anyone gotten pregnant and then got period with in a few days? Is it possible this has happened to me? If it is possible do I really have to wait until next month to take another pregnancy test? How many days after thinking one became pregnant with the hormones allow a positive home pregnancy test? Thanks all and sorry about the length of story. Also a cousin of mine had her period during pregnancy too and she delivered a healthy baby boy last year. I guess our family just has period issues or something. Thanks again I will pick best answer for your points 😉 Hoping I am pregnant.
A: i had a full period for 5 mths wen i was pregnant with my son 2tests cum bak negitive so wen i did find out it was a big shock… so yes it is possible.. i am now 28wks pregnant an i hav had no preiods durin this pregnancy, so i am not sure y it happened last time… so u neva no maybe ur pregnant, if u hav not already seen ur doctor wait a few weeks an do another test… gd luck i hope hav ur wish an ur pregnant xx
How soon does your body know your pregnant?
Q: I had unprotected sex saturday night and he pulled out before he ejaculated (and yes I know you can still get pregnant from pre-cum) and then I started my period sunday night (last night). So is one day enough for your body to know your pregnant? I had unprotected sex again last night because I figured I shouldn’t get pregnant when I’m on my period, right? So how soon does your body know and is there a possibility i’m pregnant even though I started my period the next day for the first time and then was on it for the second time?
A: One day is not enough. Your body “knows” it is pregnant after implantation which happens the at earliest 6 days after ovulation. But just because your body “knows” doesn’t mean you know.
When can you feel that your pregnant? Is one week too soon to assume pregnancy?
Q: I had unprotected sex last week and he pulled out right before he cummed, but i’m scared he was a little late. Is it possible to get pregnant even if he pulled out? It’s been a week and a day, and I haven’t gotten my period yet and i can’t remember the last time i had my period. I’m freaking out because I have a funny feeling in my stomach, my urine comes out with white cloudy look, and i have to pee more than normal. I’ve been stressing out, and haven’t had a chance to get a pregnancy test. Is it possible to FEEL your pregnancy? and is it too soon to assume that I’m pregnant?
A: Why haven’t you had the time to buy a pregnancy test? It’s easy to get one of those, so go ahead and buy some:)Personally I don’t think you’re pregnant because it’s too soon to tell, and your physical reactions are just due to your stress. Since he pulled out you probably didn’t get any semen in you.But honey, you have to get in control of your sex life and your body. so I’ll make a list of what you have to do in the future, then I’ll tell you how you “feel” a pregnancy. And you promise to do this, right?Get control of your cycle: Next time you have the period write the date down. And since it’s more or less one month between the period, mark this date in every month in your calendar. By doing this you always know approximately when to expect your next period. This is important to know because:The days around your period you have least of all chances to get pregnantThe days between – from one week to two weeks after you had your period, you have the best chances to get pregnant.Get control of your sex-life: Buy some birth-control. Buy condoms, or what ever, buy some pregnancy tests so you have it just in case. Go see a doctor and get on the contraceptive pills. Buy some morning-after pills. And now, this is what I felt when I was pregnant, but don’t get too caught up in this, because I think you’ve heard this before and therefore react the same way. And remember it wasn’t before two months in my pregnancy I had these issues:I had to pee a lot. I had the same feeling in my stomach as if I was having the period. I was feeling sick, and had to throw up severel times, especially in the morning.I hope that you’ll get control of your body, so that you can relax and enjoy your sex life:) Good luck:)
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