Can you kill the baby if you run

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No, you can safely maintain a running routine while pregnant. The baby will not be injured. ChaCha! [ Source: ]
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Does running kill the baby during pregnancy?
no! If you are not a runner in certian situations OBGYNs will tell you it is best not to run or participate in activities that spike your heart rate. But, that is a precautionary measure and in most cases would not ever cause harm. In some …
Can running while pregnant kill an unborn baby??
No, if you do not have any other problems such as a weak cervix. Talk to your Dr. before you really run though.
When you kill a pregnant spider can it release alot of running ba…?
No, spiders lay eggs in an egg sac usually in or near the web. There would be no live baby spiders in the mother’s body.

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Q: please advise what you guys think we as the family should do. My brother in laws wife is 7 months pregnant now they have a baby that was born with Fraser syndrome and they don’t take care of her. She is in an institution and that’s a whole other topic. The issue now is she got pregnant again and she now has gone nuts she has refused medical treatment the doctor said she has protein in her urine and high BP. I have 5 kids I know how serious this is it can kill the baby and her. My brother in law took her for the ultrasound at which time she said i don’t want to know anything about the baby I don’t care and she ran out of the office got back on the train. He followed he went home and found her with suit cases packed telling him i am leaving to my friends i don’t want to be here. I don’t care about the baby or you and i am leaving. SHE didn’t take the bp meds she doesn’t take the baby aspirin or prenatal s and she has a recessive gene for Fraser syndrome(horrible syndrome please look it up). What can we do now she is at these peoples house not eating and even said she just wants the baby to die and herself too! She knows how serious this is as she had preeclampsia before and was in the hospital on magnesium for 4 days after giving birth. DO we get the police involved this is like suicide and what about the poor baby inside it is at risk because of her reckless behavior. My brother in law says she thinks she is punishing him but the reality the baby is being harmed. HELP?? what to do I am in Brooklyn NY if that helps?
A: The only option is some sort of involuntary commitment. Not as easy as they were 20 years ago but she is a danger to herself and may qualify.Not the best link in the world but it might get you on the right track.
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Q: We’ve never really had a mice problem and rarely ever saw one, but for the last 2 months or so, there has been this fat ugly black mouse running around. It doesn’t even look like a house mouse. It’s black with a pink nose and looks like someone lost their pet. It runs around the living room and kitchen everyday, and avoids mouse traps.About 2 days ago, I heard loud squeaking and screaming noises coming from the cabinet. Ever since that day, there have been these small dark grey baby mice running around the size of a roach. The big black one must have reproduced with a house mouse. They’re mega fast and can run up walls onto sofa’s and things.I woke up this morning, and found a hole in my 3 dollar bag of Dorito’s. I’m pissed. I could tolerate at first, but now I need them gone. I saw a baby one in the kitchen today sitting in one spot. I had my sneakers on b/c I’d just came back from the store, so I stepped on it and smashed it until I heard the squeal and felt the pop. It was really small and smashed onto the floor. When I saw it, it made me even more mad.Is there anything I can do to kill them besides stepping on them if they avoid the traditional mouse traps?
A: Buy or borrow a cat, no more mouse problem I can assure you, just don’t feed the cat too much catfood
Can anyone tell me the name of this song and the artist? Here are some lyrics.?
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A: Check Yes Julietby We The KingsCheck yes julietare you with merain is falling down on the sidewalki won’t go until you come outsidecheck yes julietkill the limboi’ll keep tossing rocks at your windowcause there’s no turning back for us tonightlace up your shoesA O A O ahhere’s how we dorun baby rundon’t ever look backthey’ll tear us apart if you give them the chancedon’t sell your heartdon’t say we’re not meant to berun baby runforever will be you and mecheck yes julieti’ll be waitingwishing, wantingyours for the takingjust sneak out and don’t tell a soul goodbyecheck yes juliethere’s the countdown3…2…1… now fall in my arms now they can change the locksdon’t let them change your mindlace up your shoesA O A O ahhere’s how we dorun baby rundon’t ever look backthey’ll tear us apart if you give them the chancedon’t sell your heartdon’t say we’re not meant to berun baby runforever will be you and mewe’re flying through the nightflying through the nightway up high, the view from here is getting better withyou by mysiderun baby rundon’t ever look backthey’ll tear us apart if you give them the chancedon’t sell your heartdon’t say we’re not meant to berun baby runforever will be you and me
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