Can you lay out in the sun while your pregnant

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You can sunbath as long as you use a sunscreen, and be sure to not get over heated. Sometimes dark skin blotches will appear. [ Source: ]
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Can you lay out in the sun while your pregnant?
I’m 34 weeks and I have been “getting my tan on”. Lol! I wear a bikini.
Is it ok to lay out in the sun while pregnant?
Yes just don’t get overheated, wear sunblock and make sure to re-apply it often, and drink lots of water.
Is it okay to lay in the sun in a pool while pregnant??
hey! im 7 weeks and 1 day pregnant! im so excited. but any ways. In the baby book i am reading it says you can be outside in the sun swimming and stuff as long as you wear sunscreen because your skin burns Lot easier now. and as long as you…

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can you lay out in the sun while your pregnant?
Q: will it do any harm to the baby?im 3 and a half weeks pregnant.10 points best answer
A: I’m 34 weeks and I have been “getting my tan on”. Lol! I wear a bikini.
What does YOUR doctor say about getting your hair dyed, nails done, etc?
Q: I’m just curious how other OB’s feel about certain thingsI’m going to ask my doctor today how she feels about me getting my hair dyed. I hear there is an all natural line with no chemicals. I’m sure it is more expensive, but if it isn’t outrageously priced I’d like to try it out. I’m also going to ask her if I can get my acrylic nails done. I haven’t had them done in months. I have seen plenty of moms getting their nails done while pregnant. I’m going to ask her anyway before I doI’m also going to ask if I should skip the beach now that it’s so hot out. I would like to lay out and get some much needed sun, but I have to see how she feels about that. I haven’t spent any time in the sun yet this summer, and you sure can tell!How does your OB feel about these issues that come up in day to day womanhood? Feel free to add anything else that I may have left outThanks!Oh, I’m 31 weeks along now <3
A: I asked my doctor and midwife similar things so you’re not alone in wondering.Right before I got pregnant I foolishly dyed my hair blonde. Three months into the pregnancy, afraid to dye my hair – well, you can imagine how bad my roots were considering I’m a brunette by nature. So I asked them if getting my hair dyed was safe. The answer was yes. Provided I wasn’t planning to eat the dye, bathe in it, or snort it up my nostrils then it would be safe. To quote my midwife, “hairdressers have babies too and they’re around hair dye all day long”. All she advised was that it be done in a well ventilated room and that I get a skin-patch test done beforehand as your skin can react differently to the dye when pregnant. My hairdresser was great, she sat me near the door, had a fan going, and as well as the patch test she also did a test of the colour on a snip of my hair (the dye can take differently in pregnancy, sometimes it can affect the end colour result). The advice was the same for getting manicures, well ventilated room and don’t be drinking the chemicals lol.While skin can absorb some of the chemicals from manicures and hairdye, the amount is so tiny that it’s negligable – you’d absorb more chemicals from walking alongside a busy road.Sitting in the sun helps with the production and absorbtion of several vitamins, especially vitamin D which your baby needs. Experts recommend 20 minutes of sun exposure a day (double this if it is cloudy or overcast). You should take care not to burn though (I usually tan but since being pregnant I just burn – those darn skin changes again). You should also drink lots so you don’t dehydrate and be very careful not to overheat as this can be bad for you and baby.
Pregnant, depressed, WANTING TO LEAVE BOYFRIEND! Help!?
Q: I’m about 10 weeks pregnant and I’ve posted questions about being depressed but most people said it’s normal for your hormones to change and feel like this for a while. But my boyfriend was really awesome and supportive in the beginning and now he’s just totally not. He’s just a very lazy person and I see myself married with kids and going out doing things with my husband and family on the weekends and I know he’s gonna be laying in bed all day Sat & Sun. He feels like people owe him something because he works everyday(Mon-Fri) which is ridiculous! He thinks he shouldnt have to get his family xmas gifts because he works and nobody feels bad for him so why should he feel bad.. isnt that the most disgusting horrible thing you’ve ever heard?!. He is so selfish and lazy and I just don’t think I’m going to be happy. Can I have a baby and do this alone??I feel like he’s not gonna let me leave, he’s gonna feel like I’m threatning him and get his whole family involved.By the way I’m only 19!
A: It sounds like he might be suffering from some type of depression or perhaps he is just stressing over the thought of becoming a father. Voice your concerns to him and if he doesn’t regard you concerns at legitimate then dump his sorry ass! Yes you can do it on your own and to be honest if he isn’t prepared to be a parent and a partner then you are better off without him.
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