Can you loose that weight if you workout

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Yes, but because the birth control makes your body think that its pregnant your body will naturally want to add a few pounds. Working out along with a healthy diet will keep you in a healthy weight range. Any more questions for cha cha? [ Source: ]
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Can you loose that weight if you workout
Yes, but because the birth control makes your body think that its pregnant your body will naturally want to add a few pounds. Working out along with a healthy diet will keep you in a healthy weight range. Any more questions for cha cha?
What is the best workout to loose weight?
anything cardio. not only does it slim you down, but it keeps your heart in great health. also, try lifting weights. it’ll build muscle
What is a better way to loose weight – work out in the morning or…?
You also do not burn calories just ingested.So working out after your meal is no assurance that these calories will be metabolized during the work out.Energy will first come from Glycogen,lean muscle then fat stores.Recently ingested calori…

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Im trying to loose weight, workout/healthy eating help, read on…?
Q: So im about 2 months away from being 16 and male, and im not fat but ive started to develop man-boobs and a pot-belly, both to the point where it can be seen through my t-shirts (other than that im pretty slender at the moment), and i don’t want it to get out of hand so anyways. I don’t eat too much and im a picky eater, but when i do eat, i really pig myself out, like if we’re going to McDonalds it isn’t uncommon to see me get like 4 or 5 double cheeseburgers, a large fries, and a large coke. And i drink about 2 or 3 cans of coke per day. So what ive started doing is every night ive been doing 100 seconds(real seconds like 1….2….3…., not like 12345) of jogging in place, 20 sit ups, and Ive been taking 5 minute walks every 2 hours. One of my questions is, will what im doing now help with my fat that’s causing a pot-belly and is their anything else that I can be doing?also, pretty much this is what happens on a daily bases for me: I go to school, come home, talk to freinds on the phone, go to my grandmas house who lives around the corner from me to eat and visit (mostly to eat though which is why im in the situation im in now =p), when im their i drink like 2 – 3 cans of coke classic, a can of spagetteos, have some salteens, and sometimes if im REALY hungry (REALY meaning not alot) or just eat some cereal and nothing else. At home usualy I dont eat dinner (probly cause im so stuffed from earlier in the day) but like 11ish ill eat an eldios pizza then go to bed. OH and also at school sometimes ill have 2 lunches =/, and every day i eat like 1 or 2 rice krispy treats.So what im doing is giving up soda and drinking instead water, organic lemonade, and cranberry juice that we have at home, also im only eating one lunch without the rice krispy treats, and ive began eating breakfast at school (1 cereal or 1 egg-ham borito depending on what im craving that morning along with a white milk and a pint of orange juice) to help hold me off so i don’t eat so much at lunch.So i wiegh 185 pounds last i checked. Do you think it would be necessary to COMPLETELY give up soda if i limit myself to only one per day, and would it be necesary to give up my usual 1 elios pizza at 11ish? considering that i plan on not pigging out anymore.Mcdonalds.. i might still pig out alittle their when we go, but we realy go only like once per month and ill limit myself to 2 or 3 doubles.I want to basically loose my man-boobs and pot-belly before they get really large, and keep my intake down to a certain extent so that i never get those again.Does anyone have any suggestions for me?to be honest, im surprised i haven’t gotten outrageously fat by now or that its taken me THIS LONG to get even alittle chubby. lol
A: eat a lot,no really need to cut down.part of dieting is that you will be hungry for a certain amount of time.then your stomach will shrink and you won’t be as hungry as often.Eating a good sorta big breakfast everyday is actually good.Not like chocolate chip pancakes,like an english muffin with eggs and ham.and at least two’s better to drink water than drink juices.juices are FULL of calories and can still drink cokes,but maybe you should try coke zero it tastes better but it has zero calories.but if you don’t want to just drink at least one coke a day.when you eat a lot at night,it packs on cause you don’t excercise you just sleep after you consume calories and stuff.try to eat more of your food in the morning and a lunch,and eat a small dinner.but if you get hungry late at night, DO NOT eat a pizza! eat fruits,they will fill you up especially.just eat healthier snacks.also try to excercise more than you are now.good luck
Can I do the exercise that I love and still loose weight? Or….does it have to be strenious?
Q: Hi. I am 5’2 and 150 pounds. It’s bad. I got plica in my knee and took up water aerobics- example water bycycling by using a noodle, cross country sking moves in the water by using a noodle. Or I bycyle at the gym.I love water aerobics and stationary bike: I feel energetic and postive after working out. Problem- I don’t feel that my heart rate get’s to it’s fat burning zone, so I don’t know if I will loose weight. It used to be I was the girl in the gym who would do rigerous aerobic and weights workouts- Keeping a high heart rate and burning 500-600 cals a day…I always believed in the no pain no gain philosophy……but could it be different…could I be wrong….Can you actually loose weight by doing a workout you love that is not strenious- with a low heart rate, and not count calories burned?…
A: yes u will lose weight but it will just take a longer time since ur not working out hard.
Are there any workouts that are designed to build muscle and not to help you loose weight?
Q: I have a small frame and my weight is low, but do not suffer from any eating disorders. I’ve decided that I would like to start to get in shape and start building body muscle but I’m afraid that if I start a workout program I will begin to loose weight, which I can’t afford to do. Are there any workouts that are designed to build muscle instead of loosing weight?
A: most likely u will do both- however since muscle weighs more that fat u could see a difference on the scalethe best way to create muscles is by lifting weights and leaving out so much cardio
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